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7 New Languages Implemented! (but not tested, so we need your feedback, please)
Posted: Fri, June 18, 2021 @ 3:07 PM CEST
New: Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional

Hi again,

We quickly implemented 7 (!) new languages so you would be able to play the demo in your preferred language.
We did not have the time to test them though, so your feedback would be very much appreciated <3
There will be lines that don't fit their box yet and all that, so your notebook might look a little messy ;)
We'd be especially interested to hear what you think about the translation itself. Do you think it works well?
Does it convey the same tone as the English version?
And don't worry, we'll still do the testing before full release.

Can't wait to hear what you think <3

The Haven Park Demo is now available in:
   o English
   o French
   o German
   o Spanish (Spain)
   o Italian
   o Brazilian Portuguese
   o Russian
   o Japanese
   o Simplified Chinese
   o Traditional Chinese

Hope you enjoy!

# Source:

# JMB: The Demo was only on Steam ... unfortunately not on GOG.


Final Release on 05. August 2021 *** New Version for GNU/Linux & macOS ***
Both GOG and Steam announce the release in all three flavors (LinWinMac) ...

Release: Haven Park
GOG announcement 3 hours ago # as given 15:30 CET
Join Flint, who is doing his best to keep his grandma's park up and running and make it a place
for the campers to enjoy. Haven Park is now available on GOG.COM along with a 15% discount that
will last until 12th August 2021, 10 AM UTC!

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (11.08.2021 15:15 CET):
   o Lin:   1.0.5    (49052) => (49145) on 06./10. Aug. 2021
   o Win: (48993) on 05. Aug. 2021
   o Mac: (49144) on 10. Aug. 2021

# JMB:
# So more than 4 hours after the official announcement on GOG only the Windows build got available
# on the offline installer ...
# GNU/Linux totally relies on the offline installer (no GOG Galaxy for Linux!) ...
# After a while thereafter GOG withdrew all support info about other OSs than Windows -
# yes, very nice for heating comments.
# Private communication with publisher (reacting fast - not as GOG) revealed a build problem
# which is worked on, so we should soon get builds for Mac and GNU/Linux, too.
# GOG should get out of the way so gamers and developers/publishers can solve problems ...
# and should concentrate on real and fast communication - putting a delay notice instead of
# ripping off the formerly support info - which was later (still 05. Aug.!) re-added before any of
# the two missing builds were added.
# GOG should think about an automatic way Devs can update there games to be directly present
# at the Download page of the offline installer ... that would improve the current situation enormously!
# As expected the GNU/Linux build arrived on 06.08.2021 ... the build for mac arrived on 10. Aug with an update
# for the Linux build ... the original problems should be solved now for Lin&Mac (thus I did not regard
# as an update but the final release on GOG).
# Note that the 1.0.6 Patch changelog is given below - while for the initial GOG release I made the cut given above.
# Below you will also find the place for bug reports ... so just HAVE FUN !
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Regular Update 1.0.6
Posted: Fri, August 6
First Patch coming in hot!
New skill, toggle depth of field, restock campfire, fixed Russian font etc.

Hi again,

the new patch we published to the beta branch earlier today seems to be working just fine,
so now all of you get to enjoy the new features and fixes! :)

Here's what has changed:
   o added "tailor" skill that will spawn more fabric in the world
   o added option to remove resources from the inventory
   o added option to toggle depth of field
   o fixed missing option to refill wood at campfires
   o fixed missing collision on mountain in the North
   o fixed Russian font
   o some more fixes that would spoil things if we explained it ;)

Let us know what you think and
Have a lovely time in Haven Park!


your moonies

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Haven Park
Minor Bugfix Release

GOG Offline Installer (17.08.2021 15:00 CET):
   o Lin: (49145) => left out (see 1.0.8 below)
   o Win: (48993) => (49163) on 12. Aug. 2021
   o Mac: (49144) => (49163) on 12. Aug. 2021


Regular Update
Posted: Wed, August 11
Patch 1.0.7 brings highly requested feature
Among other things, we made some adjustments to the map and how it shows completed areas

We just published the next patch - version 1.0.7 - and have added a feature that has been highly requested and
should help you finishing the park maintenance!

This is what changed:
   o the map now shows which areas you have completed, both regarding camp status and repairables
      in the park, making it much easier to know where to look to find the last broken lantern or torch!
   o we reordered the categories in the building menu in camps so the campfire is now the very
      first object selected. We saw a lot of you had problems figuring out how to attract new campers
      and how to read the building list at the bottom of the screen.
      With the campfire now being the first object in that list, we hope it's easier to understand
      that the first camper will arrive after building that (or anything else
      from the "resting" category)
   o the game now always saves when you receive a new quest (instead of just every 30 seconds)
   o we fixed some localization issues, especially with newly added texts from the last patch
   o some other minor fixes

We hope you like the changes and good luck with fixing the whole park, now that you know where to look! :)

We'll keep collecting all your feedback and implement new features (or improve existing ones), so
if you have suggestions, we're all ear! :)


your moonies & Fabien

# Souce:


# JMB (concerning getting in contact with devs):
# Some bugs had been given - some of these are already fixed - others in the work ...
# So a further improved version may soon be available - after 1.0.7 (which I mentioned to the devs to be absent on GOG).
# 20. Aug. 2021: Note that this release 1.0.7 was left out for all 3 platforms, see version 1.0.8 below!
# For interaction with devs - bug reporting and suggestions ... use Discord:
#    o
# But as the current version is really good:
#         Have Fun !
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Of Bugs and Snowmen: Patch 1.0.8
Regular Update - Posted: Thu, August 19

We're back with another patch in our pockets and here's what it brings:
   o you can now toggle the effects of certain skills on and off
   o the save slots now show your total playtime
   o items in your inventory are now sorted with ressources showing at the top
   o we fixed a bug that could lead to a specific quest being broken
   o some other minor fixes

If you experience any bugs or have suggestions to improve your gameplay, don't hesitate to contact us! :)
#    =>

Your moonies & Fabien

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (20.08.2021 23:45 CET):
   o Lin: (49145) => 1.0.8 (49380) on 20. Aug. 2021
   o Win: (49163) => 1.0.8 (49377) on 20. Aug. 2021
   o Mac: (49163) => 1.0.8 (49377) on 20. Aug. 2021

# JMB:
# Finally everything is on track ... and the game is fantastic!!!
#         Have Fun !
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New Area! - The Mine is finally explorable!
Remember the stories grandma told you about the heart of the mountain?

Patch 1.1 is live right now!
Posted: Thu, October 28, 2021 @ 4:00 PM CEST

You've been asking for it since day one and now the day is here:

The mine is finally opened up for exploration!
Jump in a mine cart and find out what's hidden deep in the mountain!

Here's a list of changes in this version:
   o Brand-New Area to explore: The Mine
   o New building: The Hammock
   o New unlockable decoration
   o Water shader improvement
   o Cable Car reworked
   o A bunch of minor bug fixes

We hope your campers love their new hammocks and you enjoy
exploring the mine! <3

Slightly spooky cheers,

Your moonies and Fabien

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (01.11.2021 11:00 CET):
   o Lin:   1.0.8 (49380) => 1.1.0 (51064) on 31. Oct. 2021
   o Win: 1.0.8 (49377) => 1.1.0 (51062) on 31. Oct. 2021
   o Mac: 1.0.8 (49377) => 1.1.0 (51062) on 31. Oct. 2021


A few small features and fixes: Patch 1.1.1 is here!
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Mon, November 1, 2021 @ 4:51 PM CET

After finally opening the mine last week, we implemented some of your suggested features and fixed some bugs.

Here's what changed:
   o added a "leave mine" button to the map when in the mine, so you can leave early if you'd rather explore the main island a bit more
   o fixed some dialogues in the mine to hopefully fix any bugs causing you to be stuck in the dialogue
   o you can now play the guitar in the mine
   o fixed some collisions
   o fixed some typos

And that's about it :) If you find any more bugs or have other suggestions, please continue to reach out here or in the game's discord over at!

Your moonies & Fabien <3

# Source:

This version never reached GOG Offline Installer!
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Literally! - with Patch 1.2.0
Find Santa and his presents around town and enjoy cozy Christmas lights!
Type: Major Update
Posted: Wed, December 22, 2021 @ 4:06 PM CET

Hey festive people of GOG!

We have a lovely update for you! We really wanted you to visit your campers over the holiday,
so here's some hopefully convincing arguments to go visit Haven Park again:

   o Santa Claus is in town and he scattered his presents all over. I think he needs your help!
   o You have the opportunity to fix a certain relationship before the year is over and make someone really happy
   o Christmas lights! Look at the village, it's so cozy <3
   o A new building
   o Some minor fixes

We hope you enjoy this addition to Haven Park!
Have a lovely holiday and a happy New Year!

Festive hugs and kisses,

Your moonies and Fabien

GOG Offline Installer (22.12.2021 18:30 CET):
   o Lin:   1.1.0 (51064) => 1.2.0 (52384)
   o Win: 1.1.0 (51062) => 1.2.0 (52383) # arrived on 23.12.2021
   o Mac: 1.1.0 (51062) => 1.2.0 (52383)
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The Holiday Season has ended - with Patch
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Fri, January 28, 2022 @ 10:32 AM CET

Sadly, the Holiday season has come to an end in Haven Park as well! But fear not, you can still finish your already
started Christmas quest. And if you have not started it yet: Santa will be back next Christmas! :)

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (29.01.2022 01:35 CET):
   o Lin:   1.2.0 (52384) => (53266)
   o Win: 1.2.0 (52383) => (53265)
   o Mac: 1.2.0 (52383) => (53265)