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I only have two questions:

1. what is a "Hardwest localiztion kit" ?
(perhaps some questions with-in questions though...) sorry about that
a. do I need it for install at all? It's listed under the Goodies.
(I have this one! nm - I found by looking a bit here that localization is language. I did not know this)

2.Out of:

1. Hard West 1.5 3.4GB
2. Hard West Scars of Freedom 1.5 55MB
3. Hard West 1.5 32-bit installer (Part 1/2) 1.0MB
4. Hard West 1.5 32-bit installer (Part 2/2) 3.4GB
5..Hard West Scars of Freedom 1.5 32-bit installer 55MB

...which of these do I need to download so I can install and back up the files ?
I'm sure only that mine is a x64-based system, so my guess is that I only need 1&2, okay fine,
but what's the rest of this for? Thank you in advance for any helpful comments =)
(apologies again if this looks jumbled - this formatting here blew my tabs so I had to improvise)

Edit the following day:
I was busy yesterday to an extent, not permitting me to actually look at the files until this morning.
--------------------------> setup_hard_west_64_1.5_(13043).exe is how the initial two files I took are named. It's self explanatory. nm on #2 here as well - God bless and have a wonderful day please.
Post edited February 25, 2024 by Tedorikk