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Last night I finished the first part of the game "Hard Times". I also got the achievment and it still shoes on Galaxy. Today I started playing again, but I could not continue where I left! I need to replay the entire first section "Hard West". It says completion 0% and the next leg of the journey is unavailable. What is going on? Anybody else had this problem? There is no "save my game" option that I missed, right? It should autosave. At least after completing the first act.
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Same problem here. The game simply does not save.
I figured out where the problem was..applies to my setup at least.
I´m using BitDefender as antivirus program. It blocks programs from accessing certain folders on the C drive. The feature is called "Bitdefender Safe Files".
Since the game creates the save files in the user folder on the C drive, this was a problem. Access was denied by Bitdefender and therefore save games could not be saved. I had to allow the game access to the user folder. Now it works. Maybe this applies to other anti-virus programs as well.
Thanks! Bitdefender was causing my issue, too.