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I think there is no topic about that, but there is a cool mod for this game sor of a redux (some things destroy the original atmosphere for me but its ok) Even 10 years ago I was thinking how cool it would be to have mods for this great game. It adds new vehicles, improves graphics and many other things.

Also I just tried version 1.0 and the text was **cked up, but version seems to have an english version support, I\ll test it soon.

The links to download are at the bottom befor the pics. Version 1.1 seems to be unavailable without registering in a russian site. I think I could upload it somewhere if someone is interested, but I think you can trie version 1.0 first.

Edit: for some reason it doesn\t allow me to post links so jus search in google for d2 se mod vk

Edit2: Now it is on Moddb
Post edited July 25, 2019 by flykas