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Preface: If you want to be a clean soul and not cheat, then maybe move to another thread.

Hard Truck 2 and King of the Road are technically the same game. But King of the Road is a later, better version of the previous and as such, has different cheats to the ones listed on typical sites.

As such, here are the correct incantations for GOG's version of Hard Truck 2.

Press the Pause/Break button to pause the game, then type in


Unpause the game, then enter any of the codes while game is paused.

slturbine code
Ctrl + 1 = Thrust forward
Ctrl + 2 = Thrust backwards
Ctrl + 3 = "Bunny-hop" vehicle
Ctrl + 4 = Rock car back and forth (can be used to put vehicle on it's wheels again)

Code Effect
slroads All roads unlocked
sllottery Give $50,000 and a license
mineoff No mines
slrepair Press [BKSP] to repair your vehicle
slrecover Press Ctrl + 5 for a free "911" call
slmap Show all hidden containers on map
slturbine Thrust in various directions (see descirption above)
slfillup Unlimited fuel
i knew these are codes since 2003, since i first played this game localized in lithuanian language as "Kelyje 2" by Akelote, still have cd
also SLALLCHEATS is NOT to make other cheats work BUT is combination of ALL cheats in one command, so if you need only some effects then use other commands
SLMAP shows not only cargo containers but also all discoverable roads plus all hidden fuel cisterns
and SLTURBINE usage of rocket boosts WILL burn thru whole tank of fuel in seconds so SLFILLUP is needed
keep in mind that all above was from my knowledge of it since i have not played it in 6 or so years