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Hey, I've been trying to search for this online, but I couldn't find anything...

Does this game take control of your systems RGB lighting effects?
Is that a legit thing they advertised somewhere, or is it a broken leftover messing with my system in a way it shouldn't?

Nowadays, lots of gaming hardware comes with RGB, and a few of these things offer software APIs, to allow games to change the color and pulse light effects in sync to what's happening on the screen. Pretty cool stuff, but, usually they allow you to switch that feature off for when you actually need the RGB to see your keyboard in the dark and such.

This game however seems to completely break my AlienFX. As soon as I start it, almost all light zones switch to plain red - I say almost, because there is one part that just switches off. The front facing "speaker" light zone, one zone, split into one part left, one right, to be exact - the right one just switches off while the left one is switched to red. You can't control these seperately, which makes it look like a rather broken attempt to incorporate system RGB.

What's more - if I quit the game, the RGB controllers setings stay overridden - I have to start the controller software, change to a different theme [maybe even create another one if I only have one theme], and switch back to my usual RGB theme to fix it.

That's gonna get highly annoying very quick.

Also, during gameplay, the lighting zones are flickering with no apparent rythm, red is the base color and there's split second flickers of blue, green or yellow in there, every element seperately, even those which are not designed to be seperate. If they are doing this on purpose, and are trying to get a cyberpunkish flair with flickering neons, that's all fine and dandy - but there has been absolutely no information nor settings on this, and it doesn't let me switch the RGB off, neither per ingame setting, nor with the "hardware switch" on my system, which is dead as soon as the game rips any and all control out of my hands.
Not cool.

I mean, it kinda is, but for now I'm too worried about them breaking my expensive stuff because of how janky this seems to have been implemented, to enjoy the experience.

Any info / confirmation on this?
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