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I was Googling the crash on exit that I'm having occasionally with the game when I came across this developer comment in the Steam forum:

[developer] Jun 15 @ 5:47am
Hi wobbler,

Sorry, but it was a very bad release timing for a small studio like ours (HR:R release overlapped with SW2 E3 preparations).

We are currently working on a patch and all mentioned issues (gfx, rebind and crash) will be fixed.

So great news that they really are working these issues.
Also, today:

Patch is live!
To check your game version: enable console (by pressing ctrl+~), input _version and press Enter.

- Restored baked AO, which is now mixed with SSAO for extra graphical fidelity.
- Fixed a bug which disabled post processing in the Factory map in Survival Mode.
- Fixed the Blizzard achievement.
- Fixed a crash on exit.
- Fixed a bug blocking the upgrade machine, when controls have been remapped.
- Removed debug key bindings (e.g 0 which toggled interface and HUD rendering).
- Added borderless fullscreen mode.
- Localized quick save.
- Cutscene skip message disappears after blinking a few times.
- Fixed black screens when post processing is set to low.
- Added key bindings for cycling between ranged weapons.
- Fixed achievement progress bar rendering.

In case of any problems contact us under:
Hopefully they don't take forever and a day to get a patch to GOG
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