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Manual/Tips of the game
Here is a manual of the stuff and tips about the game!

Items description:


_Blue Flask: +10hp, not stored in inventory (used on pickup)
_Red Flask: +20hp
_Yellow Flask: +100hp, can heal player up to 200hp max
_Ghost Head: Semi-Invinsibility for a short time -- enemies are less likely to notice you and will shoot with reduced accuracy
_Crystal of life: If the player dies, he will be resurrected at the beginning of the map with 100hp and brief invulnerability
_Berserker Head: You take half damage for a short time
_Berserker Fist: You inflict double damage for a short time
_Torch: Brightens the player's view for a short time
_Mapscroll: Reveals the level's complete automap (Default key: "Tab")
_Hand of Necromancy: Revive the enemies and make them your minions, they will fight for you.

Transformation Spells (permanent/reusable):
(Primary, alt fire and 3rd attack)

_Swamp Serpent Transformation: The player can fit into small spaces and breathe underwater. Attack by biting, spitting poison and throwing gas cloud.

_Stone Breaker Transformation: The player takes 30% less damage and can break walls that have cracks on them (strike as close as possible to the center of the crack). Attack by punching, producing a shockwave that damages surrounding enemies or make a powerful rain of stalactites.

_Hell Burner Transformation: The player can walk on lava or swim on it without taking damage. Attack by throwing fireballs, producing a line of lasting flames along the ground or a circle of fire around the player.

_Wyvern transformation: The player can fly indefinitely, but receives 30% more damage. Attack by launching an explosive fireball, throwing a short-range stream of fire or does a quick dash on the enemies, pushing them away.

Weapons of the Necromancer:
(Primary and alt fire)

_Magical Sword: Starting Melee weapon. Can be used without ammo, but damage will be doubled with ammo, ALT is deflection of the projectiles.

_Fireball Staff: Starting weapon. Throw fireballs, ALT is a triple shot.

_Ring of Ice: Shots penetrate and stun enemies. Falling enemies will lose flight briefly. Produces a ring of secondary projectiles when hitting an enemy. Enemies freeze solid when killed.

_Tornado Spell: Pushes away enemies while dealing damage. If an enemy is dragged along, or trapped against a wall, the tornado will do significant damage. As the tornado expires, nearby enemies will be launched away -- Useful when near tall cliffs.
ALT creates 6 tornadoes who turn around you and do good damage and push away the enemies.

_Unholy Grenade: Bouncy grenade that explodes after a time delay, or on direct impact with an enemy. Enemies that survive the explosion will catch fire and suffer additional damage.
ALT is a mine system to the grenade, if the enemies come too close to it, the grenade explodes.

_Pistol Cannon: Powerful handgun with shotgun-style spread and ALT is a sniper mode with a little spread with the bullet.
_Scythe: Throws a slashwave at mid-range. Slashwaves penetrate enemies and sets them on fire. Enemies killed by the slashwave or the fire will grant the player 3HP upon death, ALT summon a ghost who will attack the enemies.


_Press "O" (Default key) to open the journal. When you approach a locked door that needs a key, a hint on where to find the key will be added to the journal.
_Stone Breaker shockwave can go through walls. Use it to kill enemies while you stay safely behind a wall!
_Wyvern flamethrower is more effective if you can pin the enemy against a wall, where they cannot pull away from you and they will take massive damage
_Be sure to check everything and use your automap with Tab key. You might see where to go next, if there are some places you didn't check