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• added the Easy Hubs mode
• added the free expansion "Evil Rises Again"
• fixed Mac startup script
• A few minor fixes
• Adds a new third attack for the monster morphs! (default key: F)
• Adds an alt-fire for all the other weapons
• New weapon animations by BeardedDoomGuy
• Fixes and improvements
• Some balance changes
• Weapon Hint System - when first selecting a new weapon, or when using a new morph, the game now tells you what keys to press to engage each available weapon function. (This also serves as a hint to bind your third attack key, as it will let you know if it's unbound!)
• "give morphs" is now a valid cheat command
• Ambient Sounds added
• "Classic" mode has been removed - if you wish to play HoN classic it has been moved to a beta branch
• GZDoom engine updates, mostly fixing the shell folder open. Now works the same on all platforms and should be more secure.
• Sword is now flagged as a melee weapon for mods/bots that need access to this info
• Some improvements to controller support
• Ability to browse local config, screenshots, and save files
• A few recent GZDoom engine fixes
• Improvements to the new movement code
• Introducing Map Markers for Key Doors and Portals
• Fix for the switch of one of the map13 lifts
• Pull fixes from GZDoom, post-4.8.2
• New movement code - the player starts and stops moving a lot quicker, less "sliding" - this change will be optional
• New Special item: Hand of Necromancy (It raises the dead)
• "Classic" mode - which removes the new Hand of Necromancy and makes the gameplay more similar to what it was before this update_Fixed skybox for some maps
• Hand of Necromancy item revive the monster who is the closest to the player
• Added more Hand of Necromancy items, max amount is now 10
• Added markers for map transition portals
• Added a cap to max speed with the new movement mode
• map05: Switched Fire Key with Yellow potion spot, Fire Key is now close to the Golem item
• Map02 The Farmhouse: Fixed deactivated enemies.
• Lord Gargoyle and Undead Dragon are now immune to rip damage from Ring of Ice.
• Raised some platforms to not allow skip passage in some maps by jumping (or it should be much harder)
• Map08 The Forest: Added a platform in one of the secret.
• Added more enemies/items in some areas of some maps.
• Added description of the attacks of the transformations when taking a morph pickup item (primary and alt fire).
• and others
• Name of the maps will appear at the screen the first time you visit a map
• Map13: The Earthen Depths, monks don't spawn infinitely anymore
• map19: Skybox fixed at The Abandoned Castle
• Map02: Switch fixed at the farmhouse
• Tormented Undead (burning zombies) are fullbright now
• Missing textures fixes
• Statusbar fixed
• Undead King Boss not stun anymore by the Wyvern flamethrower (or just a little bit)
• map10: More enemies at the beginning of the City of Despair, added a switch at the dragon key room lift and platform fixed at the bell tower
• map07: Zombies doors will be open directly now
• Updated engine to GZDoom 4.8.1
• and other fixes
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