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I love this game, it's one of those rare games that no matter how many times I play, i can always go back for 1 more run...

It is just frustrating that GOG is still locked on version 1.0.3 while the steam version now sits at 1.1.5, and we still don't have the WildCards DLC...

I have had contact with the guys at Defiant a few times, such great guys. Just wish after every few steam patches they would focus on getting it on GOG rather than just patching the steam version all the time. They say Steam is so much easier to patch for, is GOG really making it hard for devs to get their patches out?
No news about the patch ?
Patch is available on GOG (version 1.2.7).
Wolfox: Patch is available on GOG (version 1.2.7).
Both offline and online :)