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I've got a lovely screensaver of a campsite... Bizarrely HOF2 (starting today after some shenanigans with windows updating) now lauinches, but sticks on the launch screen of the fire pit. The animation and music are both active, but no selectable options appear and it seems happy to simply stay there indefinitely...

Have uninstalled, reinstalled (both the game and gog galaxy) rolled back the Fall Creator Update for windows, updated drivers, verified directx, and everything else I can think of.

Any thoughts?
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Hmm Corrupted C++?
Missing galaxy csharpglue dll whateverthe heck that is...?
I can't express how frustrating this was - and I went through a LOT of attempts to repair this... I THINK the problem related to some internal dll for GOG that got screwed up in a windows update... I went through C++ updates and reinstalls,directX maintenance, driver updates, rolling back windows, lots of research etc...

I don't know WHAT the problem was, but I think it is fixed. I installed another game from GOG. When I tried to launch it, my computer went directly into a reboot, did a small windows update then nature of which I do not know. (i figured it was a huge crash at first). Windows eventually came backup. When I reinstalled HOF2 this time, shockingly, it operates...

So - if anyone else has this issue, it might be easier to find the solution than the problem, so to speak.

We've come across a few reports of recent Windows updates resulting in odd problems like this. Unfortunately, in most cases so far (like yours), the issues have manifested in ways that are outside of our control.

We're sorry to hear that you've had troubles, and we're glad to hear you're up and running. We hope you enjoy the rest of the game without issues!
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