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Hand of Fate 2

The game always crashes, when exiting the game. The only way to get out is to force quit it!
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I have the same problem.
If I want to exit when I am on the map screen before I choose a mission.
The game crashes and a windows open "Hand of Fate 2.exe not responding" (not sure of the exact word,I have the text in french)
Do the developers even read this forum?

On the steam forum there are several answers from the devs....none here....
*overcorrecting myself xD*
Asked dev on Discord about us, they will look here from time to time, and they working on bug fixes.
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Eraser74: Do the developers even read this forum?

On the steam forum there are several answers from the devs....none here....
Apologies for being slow to respond here. I have had a couple of very brief looks across the GOG forums here over the past two days, but didn't spot this thread until after one of you lovely people made a thread on the Steam forums (thanks so much for helping to bring that to our attention - it's been a very, very busy couple of days).

We don't yet have a solid handle on what the cause is here, but we would *love* to get our hands on a copy of your game logs that include the crash (logs get overwritten each time the game starts).

On Linux, the log can be found in:
~/.config/unity3d/Defiant\ Development/Hand\ of\ Fate 2/Player.log

On Windows:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Defiant Development\Hand of Fate 2\output_log.txt

On Mac, press Command+Shift+G in Finder to bring up the location dialog and enter the following path, looking for Player.log:

You can pop those up to pastebin or whatever and link them here, and I'll try to keep an eye out, or alternatively, you can send them through to with "GOG crash on exit" as the subject.

Sorry for the inconvenience and for the lack of communication here!
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OK, I send a copy of the log to the email adress.
Eraser74: OK, I send a copy of the log to the email adress.
Many thanks! We were hoping to get more information out of the log than has been in the one I've seen so far.

In the same folder as the log file should be a folder called Crashes. Would it be possible to get the most recent one zipped up and sent through to us? That would be helpful too.
The Crashes folder is totally empty...
Eraser74: The Crashes folder is totally empty...
Yeah, sorry about that.

We got some more details overnight. It turns out that this is something related to the GOG overlay (which is why the game's crashes folder is empty). From what I understand, GOG have done something to stop the overlay from loading with HoF2 until they can get to the bottom of what the cause is.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully we'll have a resolution soon.
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Oh ok, thanks for your fast replies and getting to the bottom of this!

This is why I instantly bought HOF 2...
thanks, the game has stop crashing
Yup, it´s fixed!