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Hand of Fate 2 is a complicated game, so we’ve put together a handy FAQ for you.

Does Hand of Fate 2 support GOG Galaxy cloud/Are cloud saves cross-platform?
Yes and yes!

Can I follow Hand of Fate related stuff via social media?
You can find Hand of Fate and Defiant Development on Facebook. You can also follow @DefiantDev on Twitter.

I love this game's soundtrack! Where can I get it?
Hand of Fate 2 was scored by the award winning Jeff van Dyck. It is available on Bandcamp, Google Play, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and Deezer. The soundtrack will be available on GOG at a later date too!

I need support!
First up, have a look over the rest of this FAQ to see if your problem is already mentioned in this post. If not, the best place to ask is here on the forums. It means the answer is archived for all time and other people can see the solution once the problem is resolved.

You can also email - no guarantees on turnaround for support here or via email, however. We don't work weekends (although you'll often see us updating on the forums then) and our focus is on improving the game and fixing issues for everyone, rather than messaging individuals. That's just the nature of having a small team - we're focused on making the game.

We do read everything, though, and feedback makes a big difference to the decisions we make. We very much appreciate everything people post, so don't feel shy about letting us know what has worked and what hasn't.

Where do I send feedback?
The forums are the best place. We read every thread, even if we don't reply, and it gives a good chance for other people to discuss the suggestions made.

Can I put up a Lets Play on Youtube?
No problems. You're welcome to monetize it, as well. If you let us know here we'll include it in our regular round-ups.

Can I stream the game?
You sure can. We’ve got some fun Twitch integration, too. Turn that on, for sure. We definitely won’t come in and hijack your game.

Can I play as different classes/genders?
You can choose your gender and you can equip different weapons with very different playstyles, but we don’t have a class system in-game.

Does the game have multiplayer?
No. We spent our resources making the best single player game we could. A lot would need to change to meaningfully develop a multiplayer game - it's more work than we're planning on this title.

What are Hand of Fate 2's default controls?
Movement: WASD or Left Stick
Attack: Left Mouse or X Button
Bash: Right Mouse or B Button
Defend: E or Y Button
Evade: Space or A Button
Weapon Ability: R or Right Trigger Button
Artifact Ability: Q or Right Shoulder Button
Companion Ability: L Shift or Left Shoulder Button
Finisher: F or Left Trigger Button

Pause: Escape or Start Button
Confirm: Return or A Button
Cancel: Tab or B Button

I don't like the default controls, can I change them?
Keyboard and mouse bindings can be changed from the Controls menu.

What languages is the game available in, and can I suggest one that isn't supported?
The game is currently translated for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Polish - full text translation and subtitles for VO. We're hoping that community support will enable us to offer other languages over time. If you'd like to contribute or request a translation, make a thread for it (be sure to search for existing ones first!) and we will make note.

I'm having trouble with combat, what can I do?
Try to space out your attacks so that they flow on directly after the last one landed. If you
spam the attack button, your character will not be able to cancel out of the animation if they need to defend against an incoming blow.

Building your attack combo will fill your weapon’s power meter, allowing you to unleash devastating Power Attacks (R or Right Trigger). These will help you thin out the enemies’ ranks.

Remember to roll (Space or A Button) to get out of sticky situations.

Keep an eye out for attack indicators above enemies' heads. Green indicators represent an attack that can be countered or reflected, while red indicators represent an attack that can not be interrupted or countered.

How do I defeat armoured opponents?
Certain enemies, like the Abominations, will need their armour bashed off before you can damage them properly. Hammer away at them with the bash button.

Am I meant to be able to follow the Chance cards?
Yes. It is not a random animation being played.

Something's not right, what should I do?
When something isn't working with the game, there are a few common things that are worth trying

Verify that the download of your game is good. This will make GOG download any files it thinks are broken.
1. Select Hand of Fate in your GOG library
2. Click the "More" dropdown
3. Select "Manage installation"->"Verify/Repair"

Check the Intel, AMD or Nvidia websites for the latest version of your graphics drivers and check that that's what you're running.

If you're on Windows, you can try launching the game with reduced settings
1. Select Hand of Fate in your GOG library
2. Click the "More" dropdown
3. Select "Settings"
3. Tick the "Add command line arguments" box under the "Configure Game" heading
4. Type in the following in the text field below that check box:
5. Launch the game

Letting us know that you've tried these things helps us be more efficient in identifying and resolving the problems that you might be facing.

I found a bug, what do I do?
Make a thread for it here, or email Where possible try to include a link to your game log and player profile (see details of where to find these below).

My game crashed, what do I do?
If the game crashes (especially if it crashes repeatedly) please send us your log and profile (see details of where to find these below) to If you've made a forum post for your issue, please include a link to the post and your GOG username! That'll help us link your profile to your problem.

Where can I find my game log?
The location of your log will depend on the operating system you are running. Keep in mind that the log is overwritten each time the game is launched, so be sure to grab a log that includes the issue that you've been experiencing.

On Windows:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Defiant Development\Hand of Fate 2\output_log.txt
The appdata directory is hidden by default on windows.

On Linux:
Hand of Fate 2's log can be found in the following location:
~/.config/unity3d/Defiant\ Development/Hand\ of\ Fate 2/Player.log

On Mac OS:
In Finder, press Command+Shift+G to bring up the location dialog and enter the following path

The log file is called Player.log and is shared by every Unity game on the system. If you’ve run another Unity game since running Hand of Fate 2, Hand of Fate 2’s log will be overwritten.

Where can I find my game profile?
The location of your profile will depend on the operating system you are running. The file is called player_data.profile.

On Windows:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Defiant Development\Hand of Fate 2\
The appdata directory is hidden by default on windows, to show it watch this tutorial

On Linux:
~/.config/unity3d/Defiant\ Development/Hand\ of\ Fate\ 2/

In Finder, press Command+Shift+G to bring up the location dialog and enter the following path
~/Library/Application Support/Defiant Development/Hand of Fate 2

Hand of Fate/GOG Galaxy didn't close properly and I've lost my progress, can I get it back?
You may be able to restore a previous version by copying the player_data.profile file mentioned in the "Where can I find my game profile?" section of this FAQ to the following location:

On Windows:

On Linux:
Unfortunately, GOG Galaxy does not support Linux at this time.

On Mac OS:
In Finder, press Command+Shift+G to bring up the location dialog and enter the following path
~/Library/Application Support/

Where is Endless Mode?
It's coming soon! We know you love Endless Mode, and that's why it's getting a complete overhaul in HoF2. It will be available as one of our first free updates.

How does Twitch integration work?
If you input your username and Twitch ID string into the game, you'll be able to set up audience polling for encounter choices, card gambits and audience gifts! Players will be able to influence your game both directly and indirectly.
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