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Hello GOGers. This question has been asked and asnwered for the Windows system, now it's time to ask it for the Mac, and might as well do it for Linux too.

Where are the SAVE files for the game HALFWAY on the MAC and LINUX systems?

I have tried these solutions based on the answers of the comunity and the developers themselves (from forums here and there), but none have worked:

I have looked for the files "halfwayHBProgress0.json" and "halfwayProgress0.json".
I have searched some equivalent location on my Mac of this place: "\user\yourname\.halfway".
Searching for ".halfway", "robotality" and "chuckle fish" yields nothing on my system.
I have even looked around inside the application.

There is a folder by the name of "com.robotality.halfway.savedState" (that I found manually for my searches didn't show it) in the "Saved Application State" folder, but in the past that folder has only been used by the OSX in case of some crash, and has never had any effect on actual save games. Plus I tested it by renaming it and see what happened, but as expected the OS just created another.

I have not tried revealing invisible folders because I just thought about it as I type this.

OK then, I hope someone knows where the elusive folder is on a Mac and on Linux.
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MAC: Save files location for Halfway (SOLVED).
OK, now only the location of the save files in LINUX remains unresolved.

*Sigh* Well, in the end they were where I tardily suspected they might be on my original post: In a bloody HIDDEN file. Where? Inside the main User Account's ROOT directory. Right there among the Documents, Movies, Pictures et al main folders. Here:

/Users/USER ACCOUNT/.halfway
-see pictures attached-

So you'll have to first reveal the invisible folder in your OSX before you can make a backup of its contents.

Here's in detail what to do, in case you should need it:


1) Reveal hidden files
If you use Sierra (MacOS 10.12) or later, just use this shortcut to reveal and hide files from the Finder:


If not, you'll have to use Terminal to reveal them:
1. Open Terminal (Applications > Utilities > Terminal).
2. In Terminal, paste this:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES

3. Press RETURN.
4. Relaunch Finder.

2) Locate the Saves folder
Now you'll be able to see the folder named .halfway inside your User Account.
This folder contains 1 folder and 2 .json files.
All of these are the saves.

3) Backup the contents
Create another folder and copy the contents there.
If you want to copy the whole ".halfway" folder note that it will remain invisible, until you rename it or remove the dot in front of the name.

4) Hide invisible files again
When you are done, hide all files once more.

If you use Sierra, use the shortcut mentioned above.

If not, go back to Terminal to hide them.
1. Paste the same thing as above but with NO at the end:

defaults write AppleShowAllFiles NO

2. Relaunch Finder.

Now you are all done.
If you plan on backing up several times during your playthrough instead of just one time at the end, I recommend that you create an Alias to the folder called "0.0.1" that is inside the ".halfway" folder, that way you don't have to repeat this tortuous process every single time.

I hope this helps someone.