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Hi, I'm interested in Halfway but I've heard that the game is still behind patches with respect to the Steam version. Is this still true today?

Thank you in advance to anyone who will answer.
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Yes it's missing the latest patch 1.2.13, devs don't give a *** about it.
eierfrucht: Yes it's missing the latest patch 1.2.13, devs don't give a *** about it.
Thank you... I'll refrain from buying this until this is dealt with.
You should get in touch with the game's devs if you want it updated on GOG.

Sunless Sea on GOG (specifically the Mac version) has been two patches behind Steam for AGES. A few days ago I sent an e-mail to the devs drawing their attention to the fact. Two days ago it finally got updated. The devs' response was like:

"Thanks for raising this to us. Since this is for the standalone installers we're reliant on the GOG team updating these, we don't control the release of these ones ourselves unfortunately. I chased them up about this after your email and they've updated it now so you'll be able to get the latest build"
Yah, I have it on Steam and it's on 1.2.13... I had to buy Pathway on Steam as well because I don't wanna risk them leaving the GOG version behind like they did with this game... for what it's worth, both their games (Halfway and Pathway) don't have DRM in the actual games on Steam... you can launch them and play them both without Steam being open... meaning you can install them through Steam, copy the game folders wherever you want and play them without ever using Steam again, etc.
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In case anyone else was curious if this ever got resolved:
According to the 2nd Class Citizens thread, this game is currently up to date!