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Changelog for Update / GOG-2 (Linux) (added 14 September 2016):

- Updated the Linux version. The Linux version is now a universal build (32 and 64-bit support).
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-2 (Windows) / GOG-3 (Linux) / GOG-19 (Mac) (added 19 September 2016):

What's New + Important Changes:

Material, Dark Matter, and Crew generation activities on the starbase are now easily repeatable from the completion dialog.
New "Lock Frame Rate" toggle in the Graphics Options.
Chruul Mothership is now resistant to certain statuses. Mwuahaha.
Sped up duration and resolution times for a number of animations in general, all over the place.
Reduced the required officer rank for starbase rooms at the outer edge (**new games only).
Added a tutorial step that clearly defines station bombardment = crew loss and crew loss = very bad news for the station.

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

Fixed a bug where identically-named star systems were being generated and would remain invisible.
Fixed an overlap bug where two star systems had the same coordinates.
Fixed a typo in the tutorial that referenced the Construct Ship button as Build Ship.
Fixed bug with Inneborg Xiao not having any skills on arrival (**can only fix for new rescues of Xiao).
Fixed bug with multiple Material and Dark Matter Multiplier activities conflicting with each other (*can only fix newly created multiplier rooms).
No more Bucky Rogers clones (but that was fun while it lasted).
Fixed a bug where ships could travel without required fuel (also fun while it lasted).
Fixed an issue where retreating from the Mothership triggered a black screen.
Fixed bug with random Chruul raids insta-destroying colonies on arrival or before their deadline.
Fixed bugs with Expand The Fleet mission not resolving properly (**this fix will correct existing saves).
Added rewards to some missions that were missing them.
Fixed an issue where the Chruul Tac Tier 5s didn't have the right initial pre-damage sprite.
Fixed an issue where the Zirordiax Reactor had a duplicate background.
Fixed music de-sync'ing issues. Finally. We're pretty sure.
Some minor text changes for clarity, along with some typo fixes.
Faction delegations no longer turn away if a Terran fleet is stationed at Starbase.
Sector 'Cnidus' no longer shows up before it should be revealed (being that early is just rude).

Art & Animation:

Resolved animation issue that caused ships to (rarely but sometimes) get stuck in the middle of the screen.
Updated/altered some animations: mostly tightening up positioning and adjusting single target and AOE animations.
Fixed an issue where ship contruction animation was displaying the wrong ships, or not displaying them at all.

Ships/Officers & Powers:

Increased the starting rerolls for second Officer to 2.
End game ally faction ships have been upgraded significantly.
Engineering Ship powers have increased Threat.
End game ally officers can now only pilot their own faction ships.

Hotfix (added 19 September 2016):

We've pushed out a patch today (v1.0.0.3) that corrects the Chruul mothership to its intended behaviour. It's tough, but not throw-your-keyboard-and-rage-quit tough. You can take this hotfix out for a spin with your current save.
There is a new patch at but the offline installers are not available yet.
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Linux) / GOG-50 (Mac) (added 26 September 2016):

- Fixed spire bug.

Changelog for Patch / GOG-4 (Windows) / GOG-6 (Linux) / GOG-50 (Mac) (added 24 September 2016):

- We meet again, space travellers...

- In case you missed it, v1.0.0.3 was released last week, with some quick changes to the end-game.

- That makes this update v1.0.0.4! Let's get to the goodies: SPACE CHORES NO MORE! While resource automation was always part of the mid-game, we hear you. It was a little later than some of you would have liked. We'd like you to meet Satellite Drones...

What's New + Important Changes:

- Introducing New Satellite Drones that can be researched, built, and deployed to automate resource gathering. (NOTE: you'll see these for saved games in Act 1 and new games only. Existing games in Act 2 will have the "old" version of automation.)
- Act 2 no longer automates resource generation, it must be established using Satellite Drones (games in Act 1 and new games only).
- You can now Upgrade a Facility's storage capacity and resource generation (new games only).

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

- Fixed bug with Acolyte Predator Ship Upgrade not registering after research.
- Random aliens no longer attack colonies too early in Act 1.
- Pirate Mining Fleet disappears correctly when returning to Grus.
- Alien colony rescue missions are still clearable after the Mothership appears or the faction is killed.
- Pirate base assault can no longer fire at the same time as the Admirax battle.
- If a colony is destroyed by the pirates or the Voraash instead of the Chruul, any pending rescue missions are now removed from that sector.
- Lt. Starstabber's arrival is now hinted to after killing all three pirate commanders.
- Added additional check to prevent unresponsive colony edge case if a raider fleet is destroyed at the same time as a colony rescue mission expires.
- Fixed a bug with ruined colonies not stopping time when first discovering them.
- Fixed an improper event dialogue type on the way to fighting the Admirax.

UI, Art & Animation:

- Created new animation for the tactical cloaking power.
- Fixed ground combat background that had foreground asset overlapping officers during combat.
- Fixing the speed and status effect timing of various animations (currently 39 animations affected)!
- Added new tab hot key to allow players to cycle through their fleets on the starmap.
- Quitting the game now prompts for a save.
- Upon entering ground combat, squadmates are prepopulated for convenience. #GreenShirtWorldProblems
- You can now cancel ship constructions for a full refund.
- Quick Save (F8) and Quick Load (F9)
- Fixed an issue where the artifact rooms had light peeking out above their room frame.

Quests/Missions & Economy:

- Prevented Spire from interrupting fleets passing through the sector.
- Chruul Portal Defense fleets now scale in strength.
- Expired missions clear immediately from the mission list.

Ships/Officers & Powers::

Saving Cmdr Xiao - fixed bug with retreating from first contact, and she now gets the proper level as given by Officer Academy Upgrades.
- No more Empowered Systems effects in ground combat.
- Fixed a bug where max levelled powers would sometimes not appear in combat.
- Status effects that add up to over 100% damage reduction are now capped at 100%.
- Lowered costs for T1 and T2 Ship Upgrades.

- There are some much-requested features in this one, folks and there is still more to come. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Good luck out there, commanders.
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-5 (Windows) / GOG-7 (Linux) / GOG-42 (Mac) (added 04 October 2016):

- Hello Commanders!

- Fresh on the heels of v1.0.0.4 and v1.0.0.5, make room for the appropriately numbered v1.0.0.6! We've been deep in the forums and your reviews, gathering feedback about those little quality of life changes and tweaks you'd like to see. While we can't incorporate every suggestion we receive, we have tried to find and address the common themes or points of confusion we've seen. Be sure to let us know what you think. We're listening!

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

- Starbase rooms now give a more clear indication that they are under attack.
- Fixed a bug that would occasionally crash combat when the player's ship was destroyed.
- Fixed duplicate officers from being offered in the same playthrough.
- Fixed a bug with Corbain Lau missing some combat skills.
- Fixed a bug displaying multiple notifications when an Officer levelled up.

Art/Animation & UI:

- Room construction screen now displays current number of rooms already built of that type.
- An alert is displayed on Starbase rooms, while zoomed out, to indicate rooms under attack.
- Difficulty setting now displayed on the in-game menu.
- Tweaks to the turn-order indicator.
- Tightened up a number of space and ground combat animations.

Ships/Officers & Powers:

- Optional Inneborg Xiao rescue mission now has an expiry date on the 2nd part.
- Alien faction officers now have biographies.

- If you've shared something with us and you don't see it here, don't fret. We've got one - maybe two - more updates planned before the end of October. Most notably, these updates will include a) the ability to scrap rooms in the base and b) some pretty significant changes to combat on a number of levels: tactics, balance, powers, ships, you name it. Our goal is to keep the best of Halcyon 6 intact but address concerns about combat feeling repetitive or too grindy.

- As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and have fun out there!
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Changelog for Patch (added 24 October 2016):

Hello Folks!
Yep, it's time for v1.0.0.8! While this is a smaller housekeeping/quality of life-type update, it DOES include one of your much-requested changes: Starbase rooms can now be scrapped!

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

- Starbase rooms can now be scrapped, freeing up space to build new and different rooms!
- Fixed a bug where an under-construction satellite drone could be deployed for use.
- Corrected event timers to show the earliest possible destruction time when multiple fleets were present at a sector.
- Introducing Suki Sissoko and her all new legendary officer quest.
- Fixed bug with missions not clearing after being raided.

Art/Animation & UI:

- General animation timing tweaks and fixes.

Ships/Officers & Powers:

- Corrected available skills/power list for Genevieve Nguyen.

Short and sweet, folks! But this paves the way for the larger Combat and Customization update that is coming up really, really soon. We're trying something a little different with this next update, so be sure to check in here for all the details.
As always, thanks for sharing your thoughts and have fun out there!
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-7 (Windows) / GOG-10 (Linux) / GOG-7033 (Mac) (added 25 October 2016):

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

- corrected a bug with New Terra quest and the Chruul lab.

Art & Animation & UI:

- General animation timing tweaks and fixes

Ships/Officers & Powers:

- Corrected available skills/power list for Genevieve Nguyen.
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-8 (Windows) / GOG-11 (Linux) / GOG-7504 (Mac) (added 09 November 2016):

Dev Log: v1.1.0.0 - Combat and Customization update is LIVE!
This is a big one, gang. The Combat and Customization update is here, in full release! If you've been watching the BETA, these patch notes might look familiar. Here's a peek into our thought process on this one and the list of ALL the changes in v1.1.0.0.

As a reminder, our main goals for this combat update:
- We wanted to address some of the player concerns regarding space combat, specifically the complaints about how repetitive and grindy it can get in the latter half of the game.
- Increase challenge and make combat more strategic and varied
- Reduce grind, reduce punishment for losses and mistakes
- Improve player agency, make player choices matter

To that end, we’re super stoked about the major changes you’ll see in v1.1.0.0:

Ship Customization!
- You can now customize Terran starships, completely changing their power load outs to create your own unique fleet compositions

New Officer Cloning Chamber!
- Clone your dead Officers and bring them back, almost as good as when they died, with the help of Crew “volunteers”

Colony Facility Rebuilding!
- You can now rebuild ruined colony facilities from the View Sector screen

New + Important Changes:
- Increased the number of rerolls when selecting new officers
- Increased the resistance of certain status effects for all enemy ships and factions
- Slightly reduced the speed of Yabbling Ships
- Removed Korzan debuff when their leader is killed
- Rebalanced most Voraash ship powers, nerfed their healing powers
- Reduced the drone freighter resource loading delay from 3-5 days down to 2-3 days
- Some powerful enemies have a new armoured trait which caps the amount of damage a single attack can inflict
- Increased rate of colony resource production
- Decreased frequency of Chruul, Voraash, Pirate, and alien faction raids in Act 2
- Increased strength of Spire Defence Fleet but lowered strength of Spire Ground Defence Team
- Detailed enemy ship information is now available from the starmap
- “Not Effective” is now displayed when a status effect is resisted because of an inherent resistance
- You can now see unlocked ships and powers from the Tech Research room
- All Ship designs and powers are now unlocked once the respective Ship Hangar is built
- Some more powerful Chruul ships now have Reinforced Chitin which limits the amount of damage a single attack can do
- Some Chruul have adapted to the various alien factions and taken on their resistance abilities along with their colour
- Satellite Drones are now slightly cheaper and faster to build and deploy
- Reduced the cost of Improved Officer Education-related research tasks
- Sectors now have traits that render certain status effects and tactics more or less viable depending on fight location
- Fixed bug with Weapons Disruption not actually disrupting weapons
- Added starting skills to pirate officers
- Act 2 Pirate Raids will no longer occur if you have aligned with one of the pirate factions
- Chimera arrives with 1 less minion fleet and your chosen Pirate ally can assist in a more direct manner

All About Powers:
- New Evasive Maneuvers power, allows you to strategically pass your turn with an increase in evasion
- Weapons Disrupted now disables a random power when in effect
- Crew Panicked now has a chance of causing a random attack to be fired
- Increased Threat on Supercharge Polarity, Brace, Weapons Overloaded, Vulnerable, Exposed
- Deconstruct, Disable Countermeasures, Disruptor Beam, Crippling Shot, and Disabling Strike now have a 2 round Cooldown
- Ramming Speed, Spin Maneuver, Backstab Maneuver, and Bridge Shot no longer have a Recovery period
- All Epic powers now have a 3 round Recovery period
- Adjusted Recovery time for various powers across all officers, ships and factions
- Added Warmup time for some powers, some more powerful attacks need time to warm up at the beginning of combat before they can be used
- Rebalanced the Terran Ship prototype’s combat statistics
- Harass now has a higher chance of missing, but also a higher chance of a critical hit
- Focused Beam now has a small chance of causing Weapons Disruption
- Reduced effectiveness of Voraash Immunization and Resurrection
- All Terran ship designs now have unique resistance and vulnerability profiles, specific to that ship design line

Good luck out there, Commanders
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-10 (Windows) / GOG-13 (Linux) / GOG-7598 (Mac) (added 14 November 2016):

- Fix for a bug with the Mothership battle not starting properly.

Patch (added 14 November 2016):

- Fix for old ships not being equipped with Evasive Maneuvers
- Reduced the chance of a Panicked Attack by 50%
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Changelog for Update / GOG-11 (Windows) / GOG-14 (Linux) / GOG-7671 (Mac) (added 16 November 2016):

Bug fixes + Enhancements

- Precursor Artifact Rooms can no longer be scrapped
- Fixed bug with difficulty extracting precursor artifacts from destroyed homeworlds
- Fixed bug with some legendary officers not being able to repeat resource generation activities
- Fixed bug with enemy attacks sometimes healing player units on Cadet and Lieutenant difficulties
- The Federation Shuttle is back! Pew-pew!
- You can now rebuild colonies that were destroyed or evacuated before v1.1.1.0
- Propulsion Lab and Repair Bay are no longer scrappable
- Fixed a bug in Cadet level where Eng ships could 'heal' from attacks while stacking damage resistances
- Fixed a bug with certain officers being un-clonable
- Fixed a bug with Chimera minions being miscounted in older save games

Art, Animations + UI

- Increased Starmap scrolling speed. Roughly doubled the speed for, both, with and without SHIFT held down.
- Fixed bug with combat effect animations appearing behind the starships
- Tweaked some power animations
- Fixed a bug with UI resource bar overlap
- Unlocked Framerate by default

Ships/Officers + Powers

- Reduced Warmup times for many powers by 1 round

Thanks again for your feedback, gang. Keep it coming! Have fun in spaaaace!
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Changelog for patch / GOG-12 (Windows) / GOG-7701 (Mac) / GOG-15 (Linux) (added 17 November 2016):

- corrects an issue where, in some corner cases, players were unable to engage in battle with the Chimera
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-13 (Windows) / GOG-16 (Linux) / GOG-7870 (Mac) (added 24 November 2016):

- Some of you might still be working through your Combat & Customization playthroughs. Well, buckle up. This Diplomatic Diversions FREE DLC is a game changer.
- FREE Diplomatic Diversions DLC: introducing 25+ faction based missions and quests!
Whole new landscape: Act 2 has 25+ new missions and quests for all factions
- You CAN'T catch them all: with multiple prompts, conditions, and outcomes, these will make each playthrough more diverse and surprising
- MOAR Lore: You've grown to love the denizens of Halcyon 6's universe, now you get to know even more! Who they hate, what they worship, who to trust, how they... smell?
- This new diplomatic content will be available for new and current saves, once you've updated!

- As is our way, we snuck in a couple other changes with v1.2.0.1:

- Some general clean up on text and tooltips
- Fix for opening cinematic combat not resolving properly
- Fix for Pirate Admirax not leaving your fleet (rude!)
- Following Act 2 changes won't affect games that are ALREADY in Act 2 (only pre-Chimera games will be affected)
- Slowed the pacing down of Act 2 by reducing the frequency of raids from Chruul, Pirates, Voraash, and the alien factions
- Slowed down the arrival of Act 2 Chruul lieutenants
- Voraash genocide is now a bit tougher and costly to execute
- It's time to diplo hard or die trying, folks.
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Changelog for patch / GOG-14 (Windows) / GOG-7917 (Mac) / GOG-17 (Linux) (added 28 November 2016):

- Corrected a possible game-freeze condition on the final boss battle.
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-15 (Windows) / GOG-8029 (Mac) (added 30 November 2016):

Fixes + Enhancements

- Fix for Legendary officers behaving badly (not repeating tasks, not arriving with skills, cloning themselves, etc...)
- Pirate and Alien Faction Engineering ships now cannot be customizable, like their existing Tactical and Science counterparts
- Fix for some mission indicators remaining on the starmap
- Fixed bug for missing Officer name when attacking Chruul on the starbase
- Fixed dialogue bug with mission, "The Cold, Xlar'd Truth"
- Fixed bug where multiple spires would spawn immediately after the other

Art, Animations + UI

- Increased Starmap and Starbase scrolling speeds.
- Fixed cursor-tracking when panning the Starbase view.

Quests + Economy

- Pirate officers are no longer clonable (they're just not made of the Right Stuff)
- Spire no longer automatically spawns around Day 200 if you don't visit New Terra

Ships/Officers + Powers

- Improved damage and effectiveness of Epic power EMP Overcharge
- Reduced the chance of getting a negative trait from retreating from 50% to 20%
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Changelog for Patch / GOG-16 (Windows) / GOG-19 (Linux) / GOG-1492023 (Mac) (added 01 December 2016):

- Fixed retirement plan for cadets.
- Fixed instances where combat rewards not appearing.