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Changelog for Patch / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 18 August 2017):

- You can now see how long it will take an officer to finish an activity from the list of officers
- Added clarification for Crew Panicked and Weapons Disrupted statuses
- Fixed bug where animations for Counselor ground power "Precision Shot" weren't playing properly
- Fixed UI layering bugs
- Fixed bug with Force Targeting when an enemy ship has no available powers (forces an auto-pass)
- Fixed bug with cloning custom officers
- Fixed bug with cancelling ships in construction
- Fixed bug where Chimera minion fleets wouldn't attack your fleets if they were already there
- Fixed bug where you can die in a tutorial fight
- Fixed bug where the resources bar isn’t updating properly
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Changelog for Patch / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 08 September 2017):

- Fixed bug where difficulty levels were not affecting difficulty of ground combat encounters
- Ghost Pepper Bomb no longer removes Blinded status effect
- Delayed Recovery now has limited uses
- Fixed bug with some space monsters having the wrong class type
- Fixed various typos in scripts and tutorial
- Fixed bug with XP upgrades for new officers
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Changelog for Patch (added 19 February 2018):

- DLC compatibility update for the Halcyon 6: The Precursor Legacy DLC.