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As of today, following bugs apply (maybe exclusive to Linux version):

- CRITICAL BUG normal or iron man mode (tested both!) : upon exiting and reloading, the saved state seems to skip several key states, which are then "auto-completed" on loading, causing big worsening of the game. For example, in final act, just exiting and continuing causes factions to go extinct, their timers forgotten as well as new behemoths to appear much earlier than they should.

- bug: dozen of times I have noticed my resource counter in upper right corner to freeze values, leading to incorrect decisions on my side. Reloading helps, but with ironman bug - which fast-forwards time, its really bad.

- possible bug: healing spray for ships is waaay overpriced. There is free healing from several "weapons", one can also heal very cheap at base through station interface, but those sprays price is simply not justified.

- bug: in middle act, when zombie chruul start attacking factions: while they attack the factions WAAAY too fast, on the other hand they COMPLETELY ignore the human sector! Human can just let other factions die (or got them dead through the save bug), then slowly pump own tech up, even go kill them in own sector. They never come for human.

- bug: voraash are completely useless species. Their ships and idea looks very very nice, but the interaction with them is completely broken! They never get attacked by zombie chruul, why? They attack human, but scarcely - plus if human agrees giving them gift in dialog - those ships in their system never ever engage in battle with human. Human still can poison nanites, but doing so still keeps them non-aggressive; they just all vanish.

- bug: english only text. come on, this is just bad - people have kids too, this is unneeded language barrier. Did you know, you can LET people translate it? Just export the strings and submit it to online translation service. Its free. You can perhaps export all the strings for external translators to do the work for you for free.

- bug? diplomacy is virtually non-existent. Player should be able to declare war/bribe peace or maybe buy help with other factions! The control rooms says its two-way, but in game diplomacy is entirely plot driven!

- minor bug: after visiting new destroyed planet with some facility in human sector with ship, the text says "its time to go back" -- which is extremely bad idea, as its possible to REESTABLISH the facility.

- minor bug: captain descriptions are unfinished: Few have VERY detailed background descriptions, the rest has NONE. As you can imagine, not everyone spends time there, why not cut the whole description text to 1/5 of current, but add it to ALL captains.

- minor bug: in final act, giving control to player to fire the station 6 cannon into stripped boss contradicts the plot statement of station willing to destroy it by itself! In addition, the cannon damage value is huge, where boss HP in that same moment is proportionally tiny. The station would not even need to ask to strip the layers with such huge damage value.

- feature: cant explore/colonize planets outside of human sector. This is actually bad, because this destroys entire idea of annihilating or letting being annihilated of factions. For example, if player defeats pirates, those planets are entirely useless for the rest of the game. As game progresses and ship prices go up as Chruul try to attack other species and human (but they dont, due to bug), inability to colonize more planets leads to big rise in the value of the ship! And because chances of loosing are equal (if not higher), the difficulty skyrockets. For example, price for building tier 5 ship is not same as tier 2 - but the planets produce at same rate in all stages!

- feature: planet map and galaxy map is static. As such, game is minimally re-playable as every time there is same map. Its very easy to make it dynamic and it degrades experience.

- feature: instant healing of humans with black matter prior to START of the ground action feels wrong to logic. Instead I suggest humans should be healed in few hours to days AFTER the end of ground action but only IF they were hurt (even if they were healed during ground action, any wound should count) - for free. However it should take a fraction of time and make them unavailable for new ground actions or generic tasks (from the list).
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OK! I can't play this game now. I have encountered the same save - load - game state fast-forward bug also in normal save! In very first act, my four colonies were under attack, each about 10+ days prior to happening. Because the header again displayed incorrect values, I save-loaded just to get bombarded with dialogs how all these colonies were invaded. This is game-breaking bug, it should NOT exist in stable version! Its impossible to play with this bug, as later on it causes all kinds of "zergling rush" but on civilization-annihilation scale.
A fix for your first bug with the save game jumping into the future is listed over at the Steam forums:

The save files get bugged because of locale issues, eg. using comma as a decimal separator
To fix this, the game should be run with LANG=C

This sounds both hilarious and reasonable, I'm right off to test it myself.
GraphZahl: ...
Oh, can you believe it - I asked them on their official Discord and they something like "after we finish current project, we will look into it". I believe it was "Star Renegades", which is already released. But until now, there is nothing done with bug.

Thank you for link! Can I ask you to please quote the posts next time, because otherwise there is no notification so forum will just not report you work. :-/ Alles Gute.