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I launch it, a black terminal appears with some log text, then the black window with a white square in the middle appears, then it turns all black and that's it. I can see the cursor, move it around, and I hear a sort of ambient music, but there's nothing to click.

I already tried the compatibility mode and running it as administrator at 640x480 as well as making sure to install the .NET and XNA redistributables.

I'm on Windows 10 1607.

EDIT #1: The GUI is black
Clicking around the black screen the game closed. I opened it again and clicked exactly where I clicked before and the game exited again. That's the exit button. Some more clicking later the sound increased in volume, and then decreased, I kind of found the volume slider through the dark. I'm in the sound settings! So it seems the game is there, it's just the GUI is black.
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After trying many things suggested all over the interwebz I finally got it to work. I downloaded the settings file from the game's website and pasted it in the game installation folder. Overwrite if there is one already there.

Time to use my mad "l33t 5k1llz".
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