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Original gunship still crashes at mission 3.
SamBrownAtari: Hello everyone!

There is a new build available on the Testing Branch, if you are still opted in you should be prompted to update.

If you haven’t and would like to try it out, the password to opt in is still:


Take a look and leave any feedback you might have in this thread!

Thank you!
I can no longer configure a second joystick - it repeatedly goes through the Center/TopLeft/BottomRight cycle.
What's the word on this? The game is unplayable due to crashing at mission 3 on original gunship.
Hey everyone,

Just pushed a new build to the Testing branch, this should remove copy protection for the original Gunship, but as always feel free to let us know if we missed anything!
Still crashes on mission 3.
I played one game where it CTD at mission 4, started a new guy and CTD at mission 3.
Any word on fixes to original Gunship?
I can't speak for OG Gunship, but I just ran the testing version of Gunship 2000 -- with a gamepad even -- and it was fine. think we're getting there, my friends.
Is this the same version as on Steam?
It's the same version. OG Gunship doesn't work.
I'm still waiting for the original Gunship to run without issues so I can buy the bundle. I hope Atari doesn't have abandoned it.
They haven't put out an update in over a month.
Hey everyone,

Thank you for your patience, the devs have been hard at work fixing all the remaining issues for the original Gunship! You can take a look at all the new updates via the Testing branch with the password rO32QM78vqqp.

One of our main goals was finding the best way to tackle the game's various forms of copy protection. As you play, the game will prompt you with various questions, such as identifying a type of vehicle or entering a password/countersign combo. The solutions to these prompts can now be found in the Atari Presents launcher by selecting Documents and then Reference Sheet.

The devs have exhausted many options and the copy protection has proven difficult to outright remove from the game without causing major issues. Our solution here is to include the original documentation to get past the copy protection as originally intended. Once these changes are pushed live, the plan is then to include instructions to access this documentation right on the store page.

As always please let us know any feedback you may have!