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So I took the liberty to make a short guide for all of you how want to play the game online. I tried and it works with the GOG version.

Sorry for the wonky look of the links but apparently I am not allowed to share links -.-

Step 1: Download patch her (https :// mega (dot) co (dot) nz/#!9FpnSKyT!DtO- r9DhrzGP5WiPYCQ zOEEwyag3XMl1r57-oO0ticE)

Step 2: Locate your “Guilty Gear X2 Reload” folder. It should be under C:/ GOG Games

Step 3: Click on the “Guilty Gear X2 Reload” folder. Open the “Music” folder and then the “22k” folder. Copy the content of the “22k” folder into the “Music” folder. This is needed so the game can read the audio after the patch. Don't do this with the “44k” folder. The audio will be distorted if you want to use “44k” Audio look at the fix at the bottom.

Step 4: Extract the rar from step 1 and copy the content of the “GGXX Netplay” into the “Gulity Gear X2 Reload” folder.

Step 5: Run the ggxnet_config.exe. Set up stuff like your playername, what server you want to play on and color pallets.

Optional Step 5b: Run config.exe to set up all your keybindings and other stuff.

Step 6: Run the game via ggxx.exe ( you might have multiple ones. this one should work for sure).
Go to Options then Game options and set Short Cut to ON. Go back and in to Save/Load and set Auto-Save to ON (he Auto-Save is optional but nice to have). After going back to the title screen or relaunching the game the menu should have changed. You now have Netplay and Replays as options (remember you need to activate replays via the “ggxnet_config.exe”)

Congrats you now can play the game online. Have fun :D

If you want to use 44k audio please look here (http://pastebin[dot]com/vDf41bnh)

When you enter Online play there will be a few status you need to be familiar with.

Status Key:

IDLE OK - not in the game and good to go

BUSY NG – Currently in a match with someone

NO RESPONCE NG – The player is not on the VS NET screen or just went out of the game

EX ENABLE/DISABLE NG – Enable or Disable ExCharacters. You can change this option in the “ggxnet_config.exe”

DELAY # NG - Change your Delay Frame setting in your ggxx_net_config.exe to match the other player's Delay Frame setting, then you should be able to connect to them (it seems that most ppl I see online set their Delay Frame to 2)

VER ERR x.xx NG – Shows if the other player uses an older version of GGXX NET then you.

VER ERR ??? NG Indicates that the player has a newer version of the GGCCNET then you.

(taken from BANANAPA a shit and Flotillas steam guide to this all credit for this part to them)

Here are some common issues that people often have with ggxxnet, alongside their fixes.

"My game crashes on startup!"
This could be for any number of reasons, but the most common is launching the wrong executable. Make sure you are launching either ggxx.exe or ggxx (english).exe, and not the original ggx2.exe included with the Steam release; that executable won't work for as long as your #Reload installation is tailored for netplay.

Additionally, the game will crash if you did not complete Step 3 and move the 22k audio files up a directory; this is an important step, don't overlook it!

If all else fails, delete everything and start from scratch with the backup you made.

"On startup, I get a window that says Failed to initialize network!"
The most likely culprit in this situation is that you still have a ggxx.exe process running without your knowledge. Go into task manager and ensure that you don't, and try again. Beyond that, make sure your firewall is not blocking ggxxnet's outgoing or incoming traffic. Finally, the server you designated in ggxxnet's configuration menu may be offline.

"On startup, I get told there's a version error!"
ggxxnet requires that there be an executable named "ggxx" in the #Reload folder, regardless of whether or not it's the one being used. This is why you are told to copy ggxx.exe and rename it to ggx2.exe so Steam can recognize it, instead of just renaming the original executable.

"The game runs in slow motion when I'm fighting someone!"
It's very likely that you're playing someone with high latency without the appropriate amount of input delay. The further away your opponent is, the more time it will take for your inputs to reach them. ggxxnet can handle this in either one of two ways: By allowing fast inputs on your end while slowing down the game in the event of lag to allow your opponent to catch up to your client, or by giving you clientside input delay and allowing you to play the game at full speed.

Experiencing slowdown typically means your input delay is set too low for the latency you are trying to play in. If you experience slowdown while playing with friends, consider mutually raising your input delay while playing with them.

"Sync error appeared onscreen and our match ended prematurely, what happened?"
You experiened desync, an issue where your game client and your opponent's are improperly synchronized. Because such a game would be nigh-unplayable, ggxxnet attempts to automatically end any game where sync errors are detected. Desync most commonly occurs in games run through poor connections, or with high latency. For the best experience, ensure your connection is wired whenever possible, and that your opponent is not located too far away from you; under 150 ping is ideal for decent games.

"I'm using ggxx english.exe and am having issues!"
For netplay, it is recommended that you only use ggxx.exe. While the ggxx english executable allows you to play online while retaining the English localization, it may potentially cause unforeseen issues as ggxxnet was never intended to be applied to the English version of #Reload.

"Alt+tabbing from fullscreen interrupts the match!"
This issue can be avoided by only playing in windowed mode and sizing the window to your liking. Beyond that, the only advice I can give is "don't alt+tab in fullscreen". :p
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appreciate all the hard work dog but the link for the patch only comes back to this post. well per google anyway. could you pm me he correct link or what it is that im looking for.?lol Cheers duuder hope to see ya out there.