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I just completed 30 missions... the first 30 to be exact. According to GameFaqs, I have to clear at least 30 missions to unlock EX mode for the characters.

How can I select EX mode? How do I know I unlocked EX mode? Which button I press to select EX mode? Is it RESPECT, MEMORY, DUST, etc.?
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With enough play, I was able to unlock everything on my ps2 and xbox versions. o-o I've owned many versions and in all of them, selecing ex, black, or gold was a matter of holding a button (whichever button that might be, I don't know in your case. in ps2 versions, it was l2 and r2, and this PC version seems to be a port of the ps2 version). It'll highlight an EX tag below the character's portrait. IF YOU DON'T SEE THE TAG, SORRY BRO, it means you don't have ex yet. and the gamefaq was wrong. =( but if it helps, so many hours in the game just playing vs will net you the EX characters.

PS, I wouldn't allow ex for tourney play. if I smack you up and you use ex, I'm gonna larf at you. nothing personal, I just think ex is about as fair for tourney play as justice, kliff, and this version of GG's robo ky.
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i have the tag using the alternate way of clearing story path 1+2 with the character
See the attached image. Notice the gray "L2:EX" plate above the beginning of the character's name, "Johnny"? That means EX mode is unlocked for that character. While the character with that gray plate is selected, hold L2 when choosing them. This will cause the "L2:EX" text to light up. It is not enough to simply press L2, it must be held so that the "L2:EX" text is lit until you have pressed another button to choose the character.

It seems to unlock one character at a time as story mode is completed, not all at once. I've noticed no obvious pattern in relation to whose story paths you complete.
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