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I'd really like to buy this game in the sale, but I've become very careful because of some outdated games here on GOG that never got their updates. So I've checked the game on Steam and there have been several patches since November 2016 when GOG uploaded 1.09. The current (frome back in June) version on Steam is 1.11.
Will there be an update or do I have to buy the game in the next Steam Sale?

GOG-Support told me they would look into it. Obviously, there hasn't been an update up to today. If GOG doesn't need my money I'll buy the game on Steam. Have a great day!
Any updates on whether or not the game will receive the most recent updates?

(Experience tells me not to expect an answer, but hope springs eternal.)
Any news?

The trial mode seems like a nice addition.
is it posibil to see the patch nuber without buying the game?