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FYI - asked a couple of questions on Steam Community Hub regarding the upcoming Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition:

1. will the UE be released on Gog as well?
2. will the UE be added to your account as an new/extra entry? Will the "old" version be replaced (i am asking this specifically for Gog Release)?
3. will UE support Gog Galaxy Achievements ( i asked this question by mail about two years ago for the "old" version...but never got an reply)?
4. as i am not owning the game: can i deactivate "screen shake" (as presented in the gameplay videos) optional in the "old" version & also the UE?

Answers from Dev "Gambrinous":

"Yes Ultimate Edition will release on Steam and GOG as a free update to the current game. We will keep the current game (which we are calling Guild Classic) as a beta branch on Steam and the equivalent on GOG Galaxy. So if you want to play Guild Classic you can switch to that. Saves are separate.
We are not sure right now if we will add GOG achievements or not.
You can switch off screenshake in Classic alright. It's not possible for Ultimate Edition demo but should be for full release."
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Wish these devs would stop with the stupid screen shake.
Also, they are late, still no ultimate edition here.

Edit: Trying it out from EGS, no option to disable screen shake.
And it showed up a few hours late.
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I'm not sure which version I had in my library previously, but it is now upgraded to the Ultimate Edition.
is it still possible to download classic edition instead of ultimate edition? can't find it.
Yes, there is a beta branch called 'classic' you should be able to switch to via GOG Galaxy.
Gambrinous: Yes, there is a beta branch called 'classic' you should be able to switch to via GOG Galaxy.
i'm not using that gog galaxy shenanigans. so is it possible downloading classic as offline installer?