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Official announcement from Steam community.:

There will be 3 main things that makes this feel more interesting to play.

"Dungeoneers now gain Battle Scar traits over time, as they survive dungeon runs. New dungeoneers are always 'blank' and exactly alike. But as they complete quests they gain battle scars that can be good or bad. "

"Once you completely clear out any of the regions in the game (grasslands, jungle, mines & pirate's cove) you unlock the option to replay levels in that region. "

"Dungeoneer rehiring is no longer instant. When you lose a dungeoneer it now takes time to find a replacement. You will need to attempt a quest with one of your other dungeoneers before a replacement arrives. "

And some small fixes.

There is more good features on roadmap:

Battle scars system (dungeoneers get them as they win quests)
Repeatable quest for each zone
Hard mode for a bigger challenge
Fast-mode option to speed up all animations
A special 'endless dungeon' mode, separate to the campaign for highscore fun
Tooltips for traits that come up on tooltips themselves (eg 'quick' or 'leader')
Rename dungeoneers at any time, not just in hiring screen
New Game+ content; likely special challenges or ways to replay missions after winning campaign
Potions (special loot with a unique card that can only be used once)
A little more life in the Guild, lets have those dungeoneers wander around a bit!
Daily challenges for endless mode (like Spelunky)
Steam workshop + mod support
Porting to tablets & phones

So no reason to throw this game away once you have finished it in its current form.
Cool info, I was wondering when I saw this is my patch log today. Thanks.
Yes the 1.05 is now availble on GOG. For completed game it doesn't add so much, but new game is more fun if you get stuck with hard mission, you have option to battle old bosses to collect gold pieces and battle scars and you can't just brute force with same setup in row.

The replay isn't as good as expected, because it is only against random bosses, not every mission levels. As said, in roadblock situations it is good to have an option to have something diffrent than the one and only mission you are stuck with.

But I really like the fact the developer keeps updating this game and tells us what they are planning. In Steam forums they even reply suggestions, but I guess one could also email them if you don't have Steam account.