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Changelog for Patch 1.07 hotfix (added 24 June 2016):

- fix for older graphics cards causing a freeze when you place any new tile
- fix a crash when abandoning a quest in certain situations
- guild music now plays after quests again
- added currently playing track to options screen under volume settings
- troubadour singing lines now have a little musical note icon around them
- music tracks now more likely than atmospheric ones in dungeons
- fixed crash when attempting boss rematch on pirates cove
- fixed quest names on pirates cove
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Changelog for Patch 1.08 (added 28 October 2016):

Improved title screen:

- We laid this out better. You can now see which expansions you have installed on the left of the title screen, and we've added a news area on the right. The quit button has moved into the settings window (you can hit ESC to bring it up).

Loading screen tips!:

- This came over from the mobile port. We wrote a bunch of tips and threw them into the loading screens. Learn as you wait!
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Changelog for Patch Patch 1.09 / GOG-15 (Windows) / GOG-24 (Mac) (added 03 November 2016):

- starting hats for Yodeller, Snowitch outfits were being shown under their hair
- dungeon map now pans to last quest attempted when opened (previously did this only when new ones were unlocked)
- Ice Cream Monk card Insight made clearer (and slight bug with shuffle after using it fixed)
- fix for loot screen cards not being shown right after beating Rubber Ducky
- fixed missing loot screen cards when character sheet open + cards viewed by hovering over skills
- fixed issue where monsters would move onto hero a second time
- made it possible to spend favour in battle if character sheet is also open
- renamed two monster attacks to prevent conflicts (Nature V Restore is now Devitalise and Venom III Acid Spit is now Spit Acid)
- fixed issue with mime's discard attack halting progress when monster had previously self-revived with a heal
- fixed issue with Snowitch's Flash Freeze when stolen and then played against player
- allow more time to register long clicks on cards in battle
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Changelog for Patch 1.10 (no date / added 09 June 2020):

- totally sweet STICKER effect for cards that have been powered up via effects like Way of The Scoop, Tough, Ranged, Blessed or the Punch Drunk trait.
- more improvements to performance, particularly around memory management
- Sharp Wit boss from Ice Cream Headaches gains +1 hp
- better logic for picking escape tile in a later quest in ICH
- can now gain Favour or Gold from a card action even when it is a killing blow
- fix for favour use when starting to burn a card, then cancelling
- Spikey should trigger Decay & Brittle now
- catch error when attempting to resume from a session file that is corrupt
- Way of the Scoop no longer applying twice when using Dice vs unblockable

Standalone installers updated 09 June 2020:
- Game - Windows: 1.09 (gog-15) ⇒ 1.10; Mac: 1.09 (gog-24) ⇒ 1.10.
- Ice Cream Headaches DLC - Windows: (gog-1) ⇒ 1.10; Mac: (gog-24) ⇒ 1.10.
- Pirates Cove Adventure Pack DLC - Windows: (gog-2) ⇒ 1.10; Mac: (gog-24) ⇒ 1.10.
Does this mean the GOG version has achieved parity with the Steam version?
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What's new in Ultimate Edition? (last updated Oct 2021)

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is a completely rebuilt and remastered version. Here's all the big changes:
3 new dungeoneer classes (Guild Digger, Super Chump and Ultra Chump)
25 new monsters
22 new equippable pieces of loot
16 new quests
Lots more bard songs
Extremely Fancy draw-in animation when you drop a room in the dungeon
In-depth tutorial in first mission to teach some crucial info
Major improvement to dungeoneer customisation with many more options!
Guildopedia added. Can now examine every unlockable attack card and enemy in the game (each viewable after you encounter them)
Selection of fancy paper backgrounds to switch between
Dungeoneer 'voice' set now has two variations
Sharper font rendering throughout the game
UI for loot screen massively reworked to better show what you will gain/lose with each choice
Full controller support (and keyboard support)
Localisation support and first translation (Simplified Chinese)
Two DLCs incorporated into main game & rebalanced accordingly
Huge rebalance to existing classes with many tweaks and improvements (full details)
Scar system completely overhauled into 'Victory Traits' & 'Advanced Victory Traits'
Favour system improved with 3 abilities in dungeon and 3 different abilities in fights
Show * star icons in various places for tier 1/2/3 content (loot, classes, monsters, quests & regions) to help this info stand out
Lots of new animations, art, and polish (check out the little dance when you win a quest!)
Improved which dungeon cards you draw each turn (they always fit)
Lots more lines for dungeoneers & bosses now have a final line as you beat them!
Big improvement to the graveyard. Much more interesting info kept for each grave, and interesting tombstones unlocked by more successful dungeoneers
Improved pathfinding/AI in several very useful ways. Also dragging a card out and holding it over the dungeon previews how the path will update
Can view current deck from character sheet
Huge number of improved or new SFX throughout the game
Improved the Favour-based traits for loot, and sprinkled them beyond the DLC content they arrived in
Unlock economy rebalanced (especially considering DLC content)
Reworked 5 quests with frustrating 'You lose after X turns' lose conditions
Reworked ending questline
Region markers shown on map in cloudy area before you reach them
Better display of how many quests you have beaten in each location on the map
Text size toggle for journals
Found a way to bring back the old tutorial Rubber Ducky from Guild Classic as a miniboss :)
Rejigged guild upgrade screen to group all blessings/dungeoneers/loot into their own sections
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We've just updated Ultimate Edition to 1.2021.11.23:

New feature: optional difficulty modifiers added. You can now toggle on and off a +1 heart bonus for all dungeoneers and a 5x increase to gold caps. Both are in the options area.

Other bugfixes:
- Fixed some ui sizing issues on ultra-wide resolutions
- Fixed issues with using mouse controls when a touch enabled device is detected
- Fixed some issues with dungeoneer equipment layering
- Chinese translation fixes

As usual feedback is welcomed in our Discord
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Patch notes for build 1.2021.12.6
We have changed the Ice Cream Headaches region to be optional. It still opens up early on, but you can now finish the Grasslands and unlock the Jungle before tackling its harder quests. This will help with the difficulty spike (there's a big gold bonus & tier 2 chump upgrade for reaching the Jungle) as well as pacing issues where you didn't have unlocks to buy as you worked through ICH.

In line with this we have buffed the Snowitch slightly to be a tier 2 class. They now have +1 health and their key Ice Shield attack is now 'block 1 any'. They should now be viable in the Jungle.

We have also slightly buffed the final boss of the Grasslands region with +2 health.

We have changed the level of drawn dungeon cards to be within 1 level of your dungeoneer. No more L3 monsters on your first turn.

Other bug fixes:
Fixed crash on final quest if defeating boss before timer expires.
Fixed issues with Swashbuckler, Artificer and Drunken Sailor achievements not triggering.
Fixed issues with some achievements not triggering if dungeoneer wins with quick attacks.
Fixed some issues with "if successful" heals not saving dungeoneer.
Fixed icon sorting on queued damage added to attacks.
Fixed some issues with Retribution not triggering.
Fixed some issues with health not being displayed correctly during attacks.
Fixed a freeze in some instances where dungeoneer would kill themselves with self damage.
Fixed a freeze if dungeoneer attempted to play Whirlwind.
Fixed some issues with quick attacks not triggering Bulwark.
Fixed objective tile in Ice Ice Bae Bae "The heart of the matter" quest.
Tweaked Orge Menace "Patrol This!" quest layout.
Fungus was too stupid! Reduced Stupidity level from 5 to 1.
Fixed some issue with opening the Options during game sequences.
Fixed some chinese text rendering issues.
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Hey Dungeoneers, It's big, big update time! Hardcore Mode is now available!
A new way to kill your dungeoneers... for good!

We've added a new way to play Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition. Hardcore mode has been built for those who are looking for a little more challenge from their dungeon runs, and a little more bragging rights.

You'll only have access to one of each class of dungeoneer, so once they're gone, they'll no longer be replaced in your guild. The added pressure of permadeath for your luckless little heroes will bring plenty of tension to your guild and you'll need extra care to nurse your favourites through the campaign.

To play, simply select the Hardcore option when creating a new game, but remember, in Hardcore mode what's dead, stays dead.

New language support

We're really happy to also announce that he patch also includes new languages: Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language support has been added. We're thrilled to be bringing the game to new markets and building the dungeoneering community even further.

Balances and more

Finally, there's also a huge balance update. Having collected some data in the months since Ultimate Edition launched we have looked at the classes and monsters that needed some tweaks and then did those tweaks! Apprentice, Mime, Swashbuckler, Yodeller, Drunken Sailor, Super Chump, and Ultra Chump all got slight or medium buffs. In terms of the monsters, a few were too hard and a large amount were way too easy (like, 0% winrate after taking on thousands of dungeoneers!) so we have tweaked over 60 of them to improve balance. Finally, we adjusted a few Victory Traits to be more valuable.

For a full breakdown of the balance changes and bugfixes, see below.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Join our Discord server to chat about these changes and share your Hardcore runs.

Good Luck and enjoy!
Colm, and the rest of the Gambrinous team.

Detailed Patch Notes
Dungeoneer class rebalancing:
Apprentice buff. Cut 2x Sparks (1 magic damage unblockable) from basic deck so they have much slimmer decks in general. Changed Talented trait to give them +1 Arcane as well as +1 Fire, so they should be great with either skill tree.
Mime mini-buff. Imaginary Cannon (2 magic damage) now has unblockable.
Yodeller buff. Final upgrade step of Yodel now has 3 damage instead of 2. Auf Wiedersehen attack now does 2 damage instead of 1. Das Big Roar changed to be a self-heal 3 + self-damage 1.
Super Chump buff. Removed the unbuffed Eyes Closed Punch card, so their starting deck is only 5 cards.
Drunken Sailor mini-buff. Fall Over now blocks 3 instead of 2. Clumsy Left Jab is now unblockable.
Swashbuckler big buff. Changed one Lunge (2 damage) to a new Taunt move: Block 2 physical and enemy gains Predictable. 2x Showy Leap attacks changed to be Heal 2, Block 2.
Ultra Chump mini-buff. Removed the worst Eyes Closed Punch card so their starting deck is only 5 cards. Cut 1 damage from their unblockable Eyes Closed Punch.

Victory Trait rebalancing:
Fountain Hunter: As well as drawing a fountain every turn and being drawn to them when placed, positive fountain effects will now happen twice as often for Fountain Hunters.
Resourceful: Changed from 'Draw a Treasure each turn' to '+1 starting hand size in battle'. Should be much more useful.
Gladiator (Advanced): Now just gives Tenacious without the -1 health negative.
Hubris: As well as +1 health versus higher level monsters it now also gives +1 starting hand size.
Volunteer Medic: Still gives +1 to all healing but no longer prevents gold gain from Loot.
Pyromaniac (Advanced): Instead of +1 health and everyone burning in every fight, instead all Fire skill cards gain +1 magic damage.
Muscle (Advanced): Now gives additional health, +2 Health and +1 Stupidity.

Bugfixes & smaller changes:
Slight power tweaks for many, many monsters that were either too hard or way too easy. Overall monster balance should be much improved
Improved controller mapping. Should be more consistent and natural feeling, especially in various submenus
Changed the Shade in Curious Crypt quest to a Lich's Shadow with special art
Prevent abandoning quest during Victory/Defeat screen to stop gold duping
Fixed some instances of using Favour during time it should not be allowed
Fixed issues with Ragecaster and Fountain of Power
Fixed issue where number of cards played was reset if using Favour to draw a new hand
Fixes for Fountain Hunter, Hubris, Volunteer Medic, Pyromaniac
Fixed Skilled to add the correct range of cards to the deck
If a character has no cards to play they automatically lose the battle
Fixed some issues with over healing with Blessed and Volunteer Medic
Fixed some issues with stickers on Yodel cards showing incorrect bonuses
The camera now pans up to the avalanche when it is moving
Fixed an issue where drawing with Favour in battle was disabled if the deck was empty
Ensure there is always a monster card drawn in dungeon hand
Ensure clouds are removed when a dungeoneer enters a tile during quick animations
Fixed an issue where monsters were not recorded in Guildopedia in some battles
Fixed some issues with equipment positioning on the dungeoneer
Fixed some instances where objective related monsters were not being considered for pathfinding
Fixed some issues with card scaling
Fixed some issues with stickers on battle cards (e.g. Super Chump stupidity cards with Ranged)
Fixed some issues with dungeoneer renaming