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Changelog for Patch 1.07 hotfix (added 24 June 2016):

- fix for older graphics cards causing a freeze when you place any new tile
- fix a crash when abandoning a quest in certain situations
- guild music now plays after quests again
- added currently playing track to options screen under volume settings
- troubadour singing lines now have a little musical note icon around them
- music tracks now more likely than atmospheric ones in dungeons
- fixed crash when attempting boss rematch on pirates cove
- fixed quest names on pirates cove
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Changelog for Patch 1.08 (added 28 October 2016):

Improved title screen:

- We laid this out better. You can now see which expansions you have installed on the left of the title screen, and we've added a news area on the right. The quit button has moved into the settings window (you can hit ESC to bring it up).

Loading screen tips!:

- This came over from the mobile port. We wrote a bunch of tips and threw them into the loading screens. Learn as you wait!
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Changelog for Patch Patch 1.09 / GOG-15 (Windows) / GOG-24 (Mac) (added 03 November 2016):

- starting hats for Yodeller, Snowitch outfits were being shown under their hair
- dungeon map now pans to last quest attempted when opened (previously did this only when new ones were unlocked)
- Ice Cream Monk card Insight made clearer (and slight bug with shuffle after using it fixed)
- fix for loot screen cards not being shown right after beating Rubber Ducky
- fixed missing loot screen cards when character sheet open + cards viewed by hovering over skills
- fixed issue where monsters would move onto hero a second time
- made it possible to spend favour in battle if character sheet is also open
- renamed two monster attacks to prevent conflicts (Nature V Restore is now Devitalise and Venom III Acid Spit is now Spit Acid)
- fixed issue with mime's discard attack halting progress when monster had previously self-revived with a heal
- fixed issue with Snowitch's Flash Freeze when stolen and then played against player
- allow more time to register long clicks on cards in battle