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Does anyone know of a fix/mod for the problem of shitty friendly AI?
For example, for the mission where you have to rescue the prisoners on snowy terrain and La Croix is meant to guard the landing zone, she tries but is so terrible that it always gets overrun really quickly.

I came to ask a similar question, between the horrible pathing, and the AI, this game, even on 'easy', is way harder than it should be.

Off to google to see if there's any mods or pathing fixes at least.

I'm going to try the latest mod from here:

I'll post back later if it seems to at least improve things.
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I can help you guys about it , but first join the gcvets community -GROUND CONTROL MULTIPLAYER DISCORD SERVER-
But the enemy is also dumb. You never get attacked from the west. All you have to do is to support La Croix with some combat engineers who also heal themselves.
I always took the Landing Zone from the enemies in the east, before I continued my main mission.

I prefer using the "immortal squad": 5 tanks, 5 rocket-trucks, and 5 healer-cars (combat engineers).
Making keyboard-shortcuts for them (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3), so you have quick access to them.

First time I played this game was using god-mode cheat. But I played this game about 5 times and I see no difference between Easy and Hard, except that infantry cannot destroy all cars with their primary-weapon.