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Ok this may seem like a silly thing to ask but I'm trying to play Ground Control 1, and I know that in order to bring up the cheat box your supposed to press M S V and then type in a code. However I cant get the stupid thing to come up, I had Ground Control on disk when it first came out and I KNOW that there are cheats since I used them way back. Though for whatever reason I cant seem to get the thing to come up. I don't know if I'm being stupid or what I've tried pressing the buttons, pressing them at the same time, pressing them and holding them down, pressing them one at a time and holding them down and nothing is happening. So am I missing something here? Or were chats patched out? I'll admit its probably just me screwing it up so if someone can even just confirm that they can get the cheat console to WORK on their version of the game I'll be happy. Thanks to whoever comes and reads my rambling.
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