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Does someone know site with walkthrough to mission 8 (those with single sniper squad under command). I searched net but all walkthrougs I found ended on mission 7 :/. I'm trying and trying but still I can't find good path to dropship. I try going patch near cliff (I pointed cursor on it) but at the end there is medium hoverdyne patrol, lest road through base also impossible because of Order Power Armor team patrolling). Anyone finished this mission and can tell which road he choosed?
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I also couldn't find a tutorial, you could however cheat your way past this mission so you can continue playing if you still can't get past it.
Ground Control Codes
To enter a code, go to the main menu and hit the following keys at one time: M S V
Bring up console with "~" console
Invinicible units (or god mode) god
Turn off "god mode" not god
Strange and bizarre texutres from massive with love
Unlock all Campaign Missions (access under Custom Game) gimme maps
Unlock "Secret Sabotage" mission (access under Custom Game) the new generation of rts-games
GUI has a spotlight flashlight
I don't want to cheat, but I've playthrough the mission anyway, you just need to forget about stealth on last 1-1.5 minutes of mission and run straight to dropship :-).