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If you are a fan of strategy games, this is something you should try. It seems like modern, new strategy games are evolving more and more towards resembling Ground Control 2. Here is the change to see where that "new" fast paced style comes from. Also, everyone loves orbital dropships and soldiers in big armor.
The fighting is different from the first Ground Control. Everything is faster and more hectic. Situations can change quickly and requires the players attention and coordination. You don't spent time building units and structures (thats what dropships are for.) Instead your attention will be on fighting and strategy. You won't survive by playing a turtle and spamming swarms of basic tanks from your stronghold. You just can't do that in this game. You need to learn how the game works and adapt to situations. Ground Control 2's style feel realistic. Units have longer range than in most other games (who really wants a tank with 10m of cannon range?) and you have to think where you place your troops.Luckily Ground Control 2 is not all that hard to get into and you will gradually learn everything you need by playing the single player campaign.
The game has aged quite well and unless you are a graphic freak or want all the latest features, you won't even notice that it was released in the 2004.
Ground Control 2 also has quite an interesting story too.
There is a good lil' package that does most things well and doesn't really have any major downsides. For only 5.99 dollars this is really something that you shouldn't miss if you are interested in fast paced strategy games or even strategy games in general.