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The problem occurs when on top of the structure a whole lot of smaller birds coalesce into a larger "sparrow" that screams at you (and the scream is supposed to knock you left, off the top of the building. When the cutscene starts the protagonist's model continues to walk towards the edge to the left (whether I touch the controller or not).Either the protagonist "shelters herself against the wind" when the bird starts to scream at her or she doesn't react at all. I can sometimes make her jump in the middle of the bird's screams but that doesn't help either.

Probably a bug, but what do?
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Having the same problem. Would be nice if we had any word on a patch or something like that. The game has quite a few annoying bugs, but this one is game breaking apparently.
Just a heads up, I managed to fix the issue with the screaming sparrow (and numerous other nagging issues like broken character animations, cutscenes that wouldn't trigger properly, distorted sounds) by simply performing a graphics driver update.

I'm running the game on a Radeon RX580 4GB. I was using the Adrenaline driver version 19.1.1 before update, so a fairly recent one. Had all the problems I mentioned above, as well as horrible coil whine during gameplay. Mind you, this graphics card has not had coil whine before. I updated to Adrenaline 19.2.1 and all issues were solved, including the coil whine. I've already reached the Yellow chapter and had no problems whatsoever thus far.

I just want to tell you that I'm stuck in the game (Not on screaming bird).
See attached image : Stuck.jpg
Would it be possible to unstuck me ?

Thanks a lot.
stuck.jpg (302 Kb)