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I defaults to German on my system but I'd like to check out the English version. Unfortunately I didn't find any way to change the language. Maybe somebody able to help? : )

EDIT: Oh... might it be that the game has only text in the menu anyway? Nevermind then. (^_^)"
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I want to know too, even if it is just for menu.
Bumping this topic, can't find a solution anywhere. Devs?
Same here. Even though it's only for the main menu, it's the principle. I've changed the language for the launcher in the general settings and the "preferred game language" in the downloads settings, but all that is ignored and the language setting within the game settings is greyed out, having an "(ingame)" at the end of it, whilst there is no option within the game to change the language.

It may not matter much for this game, but it's at least the principle that should count.