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Am i the only one who needs/prefers playing games
on windows instead of fullscreen?

The game is beautiful, at least the 1 minute i got so far,
but this day in age if you need a menu in games!

Please let me know if this pains anyone else, maybe
developers get the importance of the 2 topics.

Or maybe someone knows a solution for this?
This question / problem has been solved by AdiFanRPGimage
You can activate the windowed mode by pressing "Esc" while playing the game, which opens the game menu, and by pressing the UP arrow you can access the "Settings" menu, and there is an option for a windowed mode.

The game looks beautiful but the menu system is completely stupid. There is no "settings" option available on the start menu, and NO MOUSE INTERFACE, which is moronic for a 21`st century game. So, if you want to change anything you have to start playing the game and then press "Esc", then do changes only with the keyboard interface. Thus the options available for change are only minimal. But you`ll be able to play the game in windowed mode at least.

I don`t undestand the studio. They did a very beautiful game with amazing graphics and a stelar soundtrack, but the players have to wrestle with the interface...
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Was finally able to set a weekend to play Gris,
the Esc and Up works to get to the menu
did that the moment the character landed, pfiuu.

Setting windowed mode and adjusting sound was
the first thing to do.
Because some computers don't have a external
way to adjust sound, witch starts way too loud.

Has for the game,
If one starts to think of the underlying meanings,
one will go down a scary rabitt hole.
But sometimes that's good.