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Basically you come to the tree that requires you solve the pump puzzle. This involves unbalancing it by a combination of cutting off the supply to the pumps at the right time and getting Glottis to spin!

At some point, first or second time after Many picks up the wheelbarrow, he disappears and eventually the screen zooms out to an overhead view.

The game cannot be played after this point, as the bug is a game breaker.

This has been mentioned on line, the Steam Community Forum for example, but the solutions to the bug do not fix it.

Can someone please get this bug fixed!

I don't hold out much hope though, seeing as it's been around for ages, it seems unlikely it will be fixed.
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I'm having this problem also and its extremely annoying. I can't get past this point.
Add my name to the list. Windows 10, fully updated, updated drivers, GTX 1060... Too bad, I was really enjoying the game.
I have the same issue. Run on win 10.
Just load an earlier save and try again?
You need to use original keyboard control method, not mouse, that should help.
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Got the same problem as everyone else here.

@ScrII: I can't use that method since Manny isn't visible. The screen is zoomed out and in my case there is no one that I can see except Glottis.
Same issue, but it is now March 2019. Guess this isn't anything that will get fixed.
Same problem using Dedicated graphics (gtx 1060) so I thought I would try my integrated graphics (intel hd) and there was no game breaking bug. Also while using my integrated graphics I noticed my laptop ran much cooler than using dedicated. Don't know why that is, perhaps you could let me know?

However, in summary, if you encounter this game breaking bug try using your integrated graphics, it worked for me. :-)
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