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I have the game on a custom built pc running windows 10 and a gtx 1080. hope the following will be of help to others.

After lots of trial and error i have come to the conclussion that the main "crash" problem is when the game unexpectedly throws you into a looking down view which you cant actually do as a game mode.

EXAMPLE.... the first crash was in the petrified forest , it would either crash on entering the screen , when moving the wheel barrow or after the puzzle was solved.

With regards to players comments about flicking in and out of origional graphics and remastered mode , this is a none starter because you wont know when you need to do it.

It took me 5 attempts to get through the crash problem at the forest so the only advice i can give is save it regular and just reload a save if you crash.
Also experiencing crashes. There is one point in the game where an NPC is invisible and everything slows down there and eventually crashes. And in the tattoo shop as soon as I knock out naranja and place him in the bed, the game crashes. I've tried all sorts of changes to graphics settings, going back to one monitor instead of multi, compatibility settings in the executable, nothing works. Game is unplayable now.
Oh great! People complaining for years and I just opened a support request about it! Bummer!

One of the best games ever (then the best adventure game ever) and I couldn't finish the PC version because the game stuck at the end of the second or third year. So when I saw the GoG version I bought it! Tales of Monkey Island was also something I bought from Gog and the game played beautifully... This is my second attempt to play a game apparently out of my 49 games... I know it is a little weird to buy them and then never play them. Well to my defense I was hoping to play them with my daughter and son at one point. But that point is getting more abstract every day so I thought I should finish at least Grim Fandango!
Well, wish again but this time a little stronger...

One good thing I can say about this that, at least I didn't have to disappoint my children with the game like I am...
But I am sure at this point, they would assure me that they have plenty of others...
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