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Just before she dies, Lola laments that her fate happened because she always fell for the wrong guys, and asks Manny to warn Olivia about her bad taste in men or “she’ll end up just like me”.

Well, Manny never told Olivia. If you go back to the Blue Casket to talk to her, no new dialogue options appear, so the player cannot warn her. After Manny leaves Rubacava at the end of Year 2, they do not meet again until Year 4, so we can safely assume that Manny didn’t deliver the message. Maybe during the road trip from Rubacava to El Marrow, but by then it was probably too late (and it's unlikely he would bring up such an intimate topic with Glottis and Meche present).

We all know how things ended up for Olivia and her “taste of very bad men”. A grim foreshadowing.
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Many other examples. ;)