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Folks please read and note this if you have an account on the official GD forum.

"Heads up to everybody: our forum will be undergoing an extensive maintenance in the near future (we'll announce an exact date once we have everything in order on the back-end but expect it in the coming days!).

During this maintenance, the forum will be unavailable. The maintenance may extend over several days, so be aware if you have any social plans on the forum.

Old Accounts
While the forum is shut down, we will be doing some major clean-up as well as updates. During this clean-up, we will be deactivating user accounts that have not been active on the forum in the last 2 years. If retaining your existing account is important to you, and you have not signed into the forum in a very long time, we suggest you take a moment to sign in over the coming days.

Old Threads
In addition, we will be selectively purging certain sections of the forum of threads older than the release of Grim Dawn (02/25/16). If you wish to retain anything older than that, make your backups now!

Development sections will not be affected by this, so history of Grim Dawn will be retained. However, feedback posts from 5 years ago are probably a bit outdated now, among other things.

Password Reset
Lastly, there will be an enforced password reset. When the forum returns online, you will be required to set a new password. Due to this, make sure that the email address you have associated with your account is one you can actually access and not some ancient aol account or something.

The Future
What will emerge on the other end of this extended maintenance? Hopefully something awesome for everybody all around. Stay tuned!"
Update on the upcoming forum maintenance. I asked if we could get an estimate of how long it may take and Rhis replied to say a minimum of 48 hours.
Zantai earlier this morning on the GD forum:

"I am happy to report that work on the back-end is progressing smoothly and we are ready to proceed with the next step.

As such, the Forum will be undergoing its extended maintenance starting tomorrow (06/05/19 around 1-3pm EDT).

Once the forum is in maintenance mode, you will be unable to make new posts or create an account. We expect this maintenance to take at least 48 hours.

To keep you going during these dire times, you can stop by the other Grim Dawn communities around the internets:

Steam Forum

For those in Europe 5pm-7pm GMT/6pm-8pm BST/7pm-9pm CEST"

If you have any guides or other threads with info that you want to make sure you have back them up now!
As of this writting, there is still no access to the C/E forums.

There was a post on the steam forums about this but for some reason I cant post the link.
The new forum is now up and running. Was a bit flaky yesterday, but it's running smoothly now.

Rather than a separate GD forum you'll find it here

where both the GD and the new town builder forum now reside. Or you can go direct using this link

It's on the discourse forum platform so will need some getting used to, but hopefully will prove better than the old vBulletin version we had before.
Hey -
Just wanted to report that links to the old forum articles (speaking mainly about build compendium) seem to be broken.
Last I checked accessing such a link was redirecting you to the home page, making said build compendium pretty much unaccessible on new engine.
Can you share some situation commentary on this?
Yes, the links are broken because the old forum no longer exists, it vanished into the void.

Veretragna is working on getting all the compendium links fixed, but it's going to take time. He has real life to deal with as well. In the meantime to find a build easily just do a search using the build name/title and it find it that way.
MedeaFleecestealer: Yes, the links are broken because the old forum no longer exists, it vanished into the void.

Veretragna is working on getting all the compendium links fixed, but it's going to take time. He has real life to deal with as well. (...)
Not sure if I rightly feel sarcasm in here, but I guess I kinda deserved it anyway.
Thank you for the update.
Not sacasm, but it's also not the end of the world. The builds are still there, you just have to use an alternate means of finding them until he can get the links fixed. He's got to learn how the discourse platform differs from vBulletin and then find the time to make all the changes. There are 3 compendiums that need work so it's not going to be a 5 minute job.
Yes, I understand that. I was just asking for some situational update, for a simple "working on it", in fact.
I see how I might seem "desperate", but in fact I'm just curious, is all. And this more than enough sates said curiosity.

But enough of needlessly prolonging the topic. Have a good night, cheers. :)
Build Compendium X (Forgotten Gods) is now updated with new links.

The other two are still being worked on.
Any idea when the game guide..the defacto manual for Grim Dawn..will be up again?
No, no eta on that yet. Think Zantai said it was going to be a while. Guess it needs some reworking to match the new forum platform.