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With recent patches, when I opegn game shelf and look at game installation files, I see there much more game installers than usual, e.g., oroginal game was 3.7 GB in weight in 2 files, now it says to download 8 files, around 14 GB in total. Same goes for installers for expansion.

Am I missing something or there is some bug?
I agree there is something wrong.

For one, ok, it's 32 and 64 bit. So cut the amount in half. But it still doesn't add up. 32 and 64 bit are double each.

What is very very strange though: I've downloaded both 64bit installer exe files and the checksums differ. What's up with that?
I'm getting "download failed" when trying to download any of the files.

As mentioned, each file is now double the size of previous versions
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It now seems to be sorted but unfortunately there's no patch available to take the game from to Not sure if it's an oversight or whether the devs have just skipped it (hope not though). Still I'll wait a couple more days and see what happens - hope springs eternal! :)
interested what happend too.

Usually I update game via gogrepopy and thus far I've found 2 major differences:
- new mask. Now, each file is named like *(1)-1.bin, *(2)-1.bin, which makes no sense (in past it was *-1.bin, *-2.bin).
- increased download size. In past, game took like 16gb to download every dlc and every patch. Now its nearly 30gb. Whaaat?