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Solael greet you.

Lvl 80 Witchblade just starting up Ultimate. Reached Burrwich so far, BUT got to thinking about that persky box stating >VETERAN< still stuck in Normal. My bet is, it travels... yes?

If it does, clearing Normal and Elite with it CHECKED this time (mumbles a horrible spell to himself...), what makes my last enemy's guts to fall without me chuckling madly is, HOW DO YOU UNLOCK THE THRICE DAMNED!!..... shrines... not cleansed , , , ? Saw one between Asterkarn Road and Valley portals, went there to clear it and, First time 'there is a Gin & Tonic drinker here, can't unlock - cleared everything in between said portals, including that Karrot cave. Result. Still locked. Reloaded and went on a Gin & Tonic DRinker bloodfeast, THEN went to the shrine, now it's DORMANT?

Long and slightly irritaded story short: Must I clear the entire run of Grim Hangover, on every Veteran run to Unlock stuff?

Bysmiel and Dreeg says HEYA! btw.

Veteran checkbox only makes normal harder (higher monster level and rarer drop to compensate), no influence on latter difficulties.
Shrine between Asterkarn and Valley needs high standing with Rovers, they give a quest to restore it. Easiest way to get is to run Undead dungeons with bounties.
OK. Thanks.

So, what is locking the Asterkarn shrine? A Cthonic Presence - where? Or is it not possible to jump back (ultimate to normal) and unlock the ones you missed?

Ta in adv.
There's a quest with the Rovers faction that has you cleanse that shrine. You have to have high enough reputation with the Rovers and then go to the Old Arkovia camp to get the quest.

You can go back to lower difficulties and get shrines.
Was about to bind Affliction to your underwear but thought I'd swing by the Rowans... It's the effen Mogdrogen's Shrine! Well just SAY so :D

Yeah. Had a minor anerysmn on that one before the f in effen turned CAPS.... Cheers!