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We have been having issues with the multiplayer part of this game lately.

The first problem, is that I can't see all available Multiplayer games.
It seems as though I don't see the games from friends that are running via Steam. I have other friends on GoG that can see and join them fine though, which seems to negate the "GoG->Steam" issue. (That, and they can see/join my game fine too..)

Another issue is that, for the other ones I can see I often get caught in the loading screen when I try to connect to their games.

So far, the only way we manage to play together is if I start the game and they all connect to it. Everything seems fine when we go that way (aside from one time, where one of the player crashed, and the game did not register that he had leave the game, so it would not let him get back in), but it's not really viable since sometimes we want to join a game that is not at the same state as mine,etc.

We tried many things (disable firewall, reset rooter, open that specific port, etc.), but to no avail.

Anyone had these issues before and found a way to fix them?
I second that. Couldn't fix it on my own so far.
No news on this? We can't be the only ones having this issue right?
padem420: No news on this? We can't be the only ones having this issue right?
Hi padem420

There is a reliable solution, involving a 3rd party program. If you want me to guide you through it, please P.M. me.

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