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I've been playing with my Friend (He's on Steam) over LAN Mode for a few days.
Now that another friend wanted to join we went to the Online mode.
But now i can't join him anymore. While other friends on steam can join his game.

i deactivated "upnp" in the options.ini file because the game would start as a Blackscreen when i first installed it.
Now that i've set it to true again i still get the non connecting issue.

After a while i found out that you can only connec to players with the same Difficulty setting. because i set mine to Veteran i couldn't connect to any other. It would always say "Unable to connect" without any details why... GG
Post edited January 30, 2021 by Haldi4803
Just the way it is for the game I guess. It would help sometimes for a lot of stuff if more info was given than just "can't do this or that" with nothing else.
So i Managed to connect to my Friend's server on Steam.
But he cannot connect to my server. wtf?

Port Forwarding is set correctly.