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Hi !

Because Grim Dawn don't support linux I'm playing with wine and it works fine.

I wanted to test multi and GOG Galaxy is required! Why ???????. That's a huge problem !

I have installed GoG Galaxy (windows version) with wine.
In GoG Galaxy, i have added my Grim Dawn folder, checked it, updated it, and launched the game. Yes !

But when i try to play online -> "you need to launch the game with GoG Galaxy"

Really thank You !
I cannot play online just because of GoG Galaxy.

If someone have any idea, you are welcome :-)
Moon_LS: If someone have any idea, you are welcome :-)
Still the same issue, even after 4 years have passed. So much for the "fully optional GOG Galaxy" as GOG puts it. If it was fully optional, internet multiplayer would just work.

While I can understand that some kind of server browser is necessary, the game could at least give the player the option to join a game via IP address.

I'd even install GOG Galaxy, but it simply doesn't work with Wine and CD Projekt doesn't care about releasing a native Linux version of it, even if the software is probably only using cross-platform programming frameworks.
This is something you should take up with GOG since Crate have said they don't support Linux for the game. Suggest you head over to the General Discussion forum and look for the Galaxy 2.0 thread to suggest Linux support there.
I actually got this to work smoothly after a nightmare session.

I'll post a short guide soon.