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Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed Grim Dawn, and the Ashes of malmouth expansion which just picked up where the original left off smoothly. but Forgotten gods seems like something that was just tossed on. No point in picking Kymon group since it literally leads nowhere. Just seems like some guy shows up sounding like Terminator " Come with me if you want to play the expansion" You do hear Modgrogen mention and talk about something he can't quite remember but should have not forgotten in the first place, and never does anything more than that.

Also I cannot be the only one who wanted the three cowardly gods to be doomed. Never liked them in the first place. I had gotten some satisfaction from doing the Burrowholm quests where Ravager mentioned he was going to get Modrogen and destroy him.
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Seems like you were maybe more wanting it to be an extension of the main campaign. Instead it's more an expansion of a side story/lore. I happen to like the Witch Gods. Nothing feels tacked on to me plus it spent nearly as much time in development as AoM so definitely not something they threw in the pot overnight and then tossed out in the morning.
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I don't really mind the story being more or less independent (thought i would love to see some developpment of the Aetherial war) but i defintely miss Ulgrim and Creed in the Covenent of the Three.

As for the Witch Gods, well, i was at least expecting them to show up after i cleared their throne room like Moggy does after you restore his shrine (and why not have some opportunity to try and attack them, which i wouldn't attempt with my poorly equipped toons anway, but it might be fun for optimized builds) but no, they are nowhere to be found (well, i suspect Byscilla is actually Bysmiel herself based on how she's described but i have no proof).
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The only disappointment I have is that my shaman-ninja built has gotten weakened since malamouth expansion on the hardest difficulty.
Also; where are the epics!? Lol. Maybe the new loot system is broken? I also try to respec quite often but it's not feasible with my grim dawns account balance.
My gosh Create! I love your game but my shaman pet has a negative IQ; he keeps thinking that standing in poison is a good thing :D

Other then this thank you for a great game :)
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