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Hello Grim Dawn Community/ Developers,
I recently bought GD, But it won´t start. I just get a black screen, Loading symbol on the cursor and after that GD does not response, so I have to shut it down via Task Manager. I have tried everything i found on forums for troubleshooting:
-Reinstall, Repair function, delete "options" file
-added /d3d9 in startoptions of the game
-deactivated anti-virus software / added GD to the exception list
-installed /reinstalled .net framework, visual studio c++,
-start as admin
-disable the nvidea gforce experience overlay
-changed the solution of the desktop (bigger icons 150% to 100%)

Nothing worked. GD still wont start and doesnt response

A friend of mine mentioned that there could be a problem with nvdiea card (I have a RTX 2070).

My PC- Specs

Win 7 Ultimate SP1
CPU: Intel I7-6700K 4.00GHz
GPU: MSI Armor RTX 2070 8 GB

Do you know something about it? Or got other solution approches?

Many thanks in advance
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As you were Soldier!

My two cents is, your computer specs, winblows and card are giving you trouble. How to fix it is another question... gl.