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They did a live stream today (OMG WATCH IT HERE) And confirmed they will drop in march and its up to GOG and Humble how to proceed with promotions specials all that good stuff.

I am so pumped, Oathkeeper looks amazing, the gameplay and design looks amazing.. FG is going to fill out the game and give it so much longevity. Sadness, there will not be more expansions it seems but a few solid content updates after Forgotten Gods.... a new game will be the next focus for Crate <3

Watch it tons of information, such a good time!
Well, we knew that from the trailer that was released on the 25th February.

And they've been working on a new project for the last couple of years. It's going to be a town builder with some optional combat elements. We had a screenshot of it Christmas 2017.
MedeaFleecestealer: ...snip...
Their city builder looks pretty damn amazing, and just to support them I'm all about that, insta-buy. I also enjoy those types of games immensely so bonus <3

I remember then we all ported over from the titansquest forums and then when they inevitability shutdown... the watching for dev updates, a screenshot here and there... watching hellgate die, Mythos fall and Grim dawn survive it all... we all saw torchlight never become what Runic wanted until just recently with fortniers and still Grim Dawn remains.

Best community ever, one of the best games ever... Can't wait to be apart of this new (last?) chapter in the game!
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Well, not too long now according to yesterday's live stream.

Zantai said the game is done and they've put in a request for the release date with Steam. Also:

Medierra: release will likely be the last week of March if things go according to plan

And the Grim Misadventure on Monday will be the last one before FG releases as they scale back on those to concentrate on the release and post release stuff.
Great news!