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Please could you fix the "enemies below ground" bug in the 2nd Reliquary of Morgoneth's Folly? Enemies don't spawn below, they FALL when they are close to an edge. And when the reliquary spawns "Timewarped" and "Arcane", you can't stay on the middle just to avoid the bug. :)
It's very annoying when one spend hours and days to farm for the Black Heart of Morgoneth ('cause this armor not droping has been fix, right?)
Thanks a lot.

EDIT - I'm sure it's because of the "knockdown" effect of Doomforce, enemies ragdoll and fall.
EDIT2 - Nope, one of these big Eldritch Construct just felt under the ground, without me doing anything. Great.
Post edited January 05, 2020 by Exhodos