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Hello everyone, I just wanted to start a topic to address issues for people who are experiencing sudden drops in framerate. The reason for this is because after having played the game for 30+ hours with NO problems, my laptop decided it was bored of my contemplating which armour upgrades I should build with the limited ruby gems I had. It then became self-aware and turned me into a jelly-like human with no mouth.

I searched online, but found only threads that told me to turn down cloth physics or edit my .bat .ini or other s*** that was irrelevant. I say again; The game ran perfectly well until it randomly decided not to.

I have a HP laptop with Nvidia 1040 Ti GTX (or something) and updated my driver the day before, with no problems. I just rolled back my video drivers to when factory spec. and now the game runs better than ever... Can someone tell me why?

Cheers my friends X
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Apparently, this game has a memory leak issue where it keeps on requesting memory from your GPU to unreasonably high levels. Once it goes over your VRAM, the stuttering starts to show.
Also, what settings are you playing on? As many have told this issue is seen when textures are set to ultra and bringing them down to high can resolve the issue. But to be honest, high textures look s*** compared to ultra so I'm not keen on it as I get mostly smooth 70-80 FPS on max settings but that stutter is my main worry