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I'm going to file a support ticket too, but has anyone had an issue installing the game with the Windows 7 Offline Installers?

I keep getting a corrupt file error at the same point in the install. One of the files unpacked in temp isn't correct.

I tried to install twice off one set of installers and once off a fresh download of them and fails at the same point in install every time. I'm curious if this is a me problem or if the offline installers need to be reuploaded on GoG's end.
Did you already do a ?
Sometimes solves those kind of issues too.

Can't test the installation via the offline installers myself right now but plan to do a playthrough during the upcoming holidays, so having the offline installer packages in working order would be certainly appreciated.
I downloaded and installed them and had no problems.
The integrigty-check was o.k. and the game runs fine.
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