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Since reviews can't be changed or extended on GoG, I'm giving my impressions here. They may change over time.

First impression with about 2h game time:

Looks great with a beautiful design
- You can not skip dialoges, this is bad, because if you don't manage to do a quest you have to do all dialoges again and again and again...

Handling with keyboard and mouse:
- Its not possible to play it with just the keyboard. Because of the aiming mechanic you have to use the mouse too.
- Playing more than one charakter seems just pain in the ass.
- No jump&slash (pogo) possible. It is not really nessecary to have that, but because the enemys often have a longer range than the character it is unavoidable to take some hits and you can only takte very few of them.
- Extremly weak keyboard handling, sometimes the charakter does not do the double-jump and this is deadly.

Save Game
You don't have the possibility to save before a difficult passage, insteed you have some savepoints at landmarks.

You only get damage from mobs when they hit you, so it's possible to run through mobs. I was a bit surprised, but it works well. At least you don't get pushed around.

My rating: 2 stars because using more than one char seems to be a hell to handle. Its not impossible but it is just not fun.

2. Try several hours later... I gave up, game deleted.
Still get fucked just with a single char. Jumps are to short for sometimes, dubble jump does not work as expected. The chars are incredible weak and you can die everywhere. This is definitive out of balance and I can tell you this as someone who finish the game Hollow Knight.
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