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I bought this game recently during the sale. When I'm trying to play the text goes by way too fast and I can't read it. This makes conversations impossible to follow.
I'm on Windows 7, but i tried playing in Windows XP compatibility mode as well, which didn't make a difference.
I'd really like to get the game working properly so my daughter and i can play through it together, so any help would be much appreciated.
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The subtitle of a comment is displayed as long as the audio (voice over) of the comment. Most people can read faster than it takes the voice actor to speak the comment. So if you want that the subtitles are displayed longer than the comment has been spoken by the voice actor, that isn't possible.

If the comment audio (comment spoken by a voice actor) is missing for a comment, then its subtitle is only displayed for about 2-3 seconds. That's often too short for the longer comments. But in that case something is not ok since the comment audio should be present.

So if the comment audio (comment spoken by a voice actor) is missing but the music is present I suggest that you uninstall the game, download it again and install it again. Maybe the file with the comment audio wasn't installed for an unknown reason. If the problem stays please post what language you want to play the game with. If it's not english or german maybe something has been overlooked. You can of course try to set the game to english just to see if the comment audio is present there. If also the music isn't present please mention it here.